Couple Crush Of The Week: Faith And Friendship Helped These YouTube Vloggers Build A Lasting Love

It can get pretty crowded on YouTube, but nestled between the many communities that live on the site, amongst the sea of beauty tutorials and prank videos, you’ll find a must-watch vlog that belongs to married couple, Tre and Tia Patterson. 

The couple, who resides in Atlanta, have used both YouTube and Instagram to show off their beautiful life together being married with two kids, and in doing so aim to inspire other couples to have the same.

Wife Crush | I didn’t marry her for who she was (2010), I married her because of the woman I knew she’d become. #WCW #abeeutifullife

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Although they weren’t technically high school sweethearts, that’s when their love story began and it’s one that also relies heavily on faith and friendship to keep the good times rolling. 

This is their story. 

1. What made you decide to share your love with the gram?
Although we vlog pretty regularly for YouTube on our channel, ABeeutifulLife, I only post 2-3 new videos a week featuring our relationship and family life. Instagram provided us with a platform to instantaneously share special moments, occasions, sentiments, and more with our friends, family, and supporters!

2. What do your followers love most about your love story? What do you feel inspires them?
I believe they love how honest and genuine we are with each other and how we openly communicate our love with everyone without pretense. Many of our followers share that they are inspired by our positive image of a black family, founded on a marriage that exists in such a beautiful way. Our followers also share how they consider our relationship to be a breath of fresh air…that two young, black professionals with small kids can be very much in love and thriving in our culture today.

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3. Is there anything you’ve decided together NOT to share? Why?
Aside from sharing personal details that may jeopardize our safety, we can’t think of specifically one thing that we decided not to share with our followers. We are generally pretty open and candid in our approach. There may be moments that arise where we discuss a situation and omit certain details that would otherwise be TMI, yet we still provide much insight into many areas of our lives.

4. Share one of your most liked photos together and a funny story behind the photo!
This is a photo from our trip to New Orleans. Funny story: That night, shortly after we took the photo, Tre had one too many (ok, he was pretty lit lol) and required my assistance to walk upright! Unbeknownst to me, while trying to hold up the heavy weight of my husband on my small frame, I was pregnant with our son! Thankfully, I did not drink on our trip because I (strangely) did not have any desire to do so. On the very same day we returned from New Orleans to Atlanta, we took a pregnancy test and realized our lives would be changed forever! 

The Pattersons have made it to NOLA!!! One more thing off the bucket list… #frenchmanstreet #gumbotime #saintsgameonsunday #abeeutifullife #himylovies #whodat

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5. How did you meet/fall in love?
We attended the same high school together, but we weren’t high school sweethearts. Ha! It wasn’t until Tre’s NY based church moved to GA and my family and I started to attend service, that we started to get to know each other and develop a friendly relationship. We officially began dating when I was a senior in high school and he was a freshman in college. We continued to date throughout college and our love grew stronger after we endured an intense test of our love during my last year of college! It was then that we could fully appreciate our love and realize that we would be together until death do us part.

6. What’s the glue that makes your love stick?
We allow each other the freedom to be ourselves. We don’t try to change each other. We just try to serve each other with love, understanding, communication, forgiveness, and humility. We realize that we write our own love story and our marriage is not a replica of our parents or close friends.

Apparently, @billieboard doesn’t know me as well as he thought he did!! Click the link on my profile to watch the entire video and try your best not to laugh! #hegonlearntoday #howwelldoweknoweachother #coupleschallenge #beeutifullymade #youtuber #familyvloggers

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7. Pass on the love: Whose your IG couple crush and why?
In all honesty, we don’t collectively have an IG couple crush lol. However, I do admire the relationship between Ayesha and Stephen Curry. Their relationship seems very similar to ours in that he married his longtime girlfriend and they have small kids…they are grounded in their faith in GOD…and they can act goofy and laugh with each other whilst feeling supported to pursue their individual talents and gifts. 

8. What do you believe is unique/most inspiring about your love story?
We always find it so funny (and fascinating) that our relationship is founded on an intense love for one another, and still, we are total opposites of each other! Tre = extrovert. Tia = introvert. Tre likes sci-fi thrillers. Tia likes period-piece romance dramas. Tre’s love language is physical touch. Tia’s love language is words of affirmation. Tre goes with the flow. Tia is an organized planner. And the list goes on…BUT, what’s important is that, we always embrace each other to stand under a wide umbrella of family and love. And love is the greatest of all, right?

6 YEARS STRONG | This woman means the world to me! We’ve been at for over 13 years and married for 6 of those years. I still look at her and laugh and say, ” I can’t believe we’re married!” She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I thank God for everything he has done thus far within our relationship and I look forward to what He has in store for us! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SWEEEUUT! photo cred: Terrell Clark #abeeutifullife #6years

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9. If your love story was an Instagram caption, what would it be? 
We were friends first…and we kept it that way!

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