Couple fully immerse themselves in a 1930s

Escaping modern life! Couple fully immerse themselves in a 1930s lifestyle complete with a black-and-white TV, vintage clothing, a mangle for the washing… and NO mobile phones

  • Lisa Fletcher, 58, and husband Neil, 55, from Watchet, Somerset, scrapped modern life after marriage
  • They have a house full of 1930s décor and live like they are in the era- wearing authentic clothing 
  • Couple have cars, furnishings and appliances that are from the 1930s and would not go back to modern life
  • Not everyone understands their lifestyle but Lisa says that it works for them and they would not change it

A dedicated couple have transformed their home and lifestyle so that they can live like they are in the 1930s.

Lisa Fletcher, 58, and husband Neil, 55, from Watchet, Somerset, even use a mangle and gramophone and everything they own is in keeping with the theme – including their clothes, car, furnishings and appliances. 

They only watch black and white films and TV, have vintage light switches and a 1930s fridge, lawnmower, vacuum cleaner and car. 

The couple also only ever pay with cash and use a landline in favour of mobile phones.

Lisa, a housewife and history lover, had wanted to live a 1930s lifestyle and eventually persuaded Neil, an engineer, to join her after they married in 1991. 

He was not convinced at first, as he believed the idea would be ‘too art deco’ and Lisa first made just a few additions to their home but noticed her husband spotting interesting items of the same style eventually and the Fletchers went ‘full twenties and thirties.’

Neil and Lisa Fletcher, pictured at home in Watchet, Somerset, scrapped modern life after they married in 1991 to completely embrace 1930s decor and the lifestyle, with everything they own in keeping with the theme 

Neil was not entirely convinced by Lisa’s suggestion to live a 1930s lifestyle at first but came round to the idea after finding pieces in keeping with the era for their first home 

Lisa is a housewife and stays at home doing cleaning and cooking from scratch while Neil goes to work as an engineer. The duo listen to music on gramophones and only use landline phones 

Lisa makes breakfast for Neil at their home. She prefers to do washing with a mangle at home while her husband is at work and loves their lifestyle

Neil, pictured, with his car at home, has embraced the lifestyle and wears authentic 1930s clothing found at car boot sales, vintage stores and charity shops 

Lisa explained that everything in their house is second hand and has a story. She said that if everything turned modern in their home she would not be happy 

In their home, which they have decked out in 1930s style after they moved in six years ago, they also use a 1935 Westinghouse fridge which they purchased on eBay

The duo have lived in three homes and decorated their first one with as many 1930s design features as possible, adopting the lifestyle in the process.

Eventually, their wardrobes filled with original 1930s clothing from vintage shops, charity shops and car boot sales.

Lisa said: ‘I never thought I’d actually find the clothes. I always wanted to dress this way, but nobody who does ever tells you where they get their clothes.

‘Eventually I was tipped off by someone about a business and they have basically supplied me with my entire wardrobe.

The couple have original appliances including a 1930s oven that Lisa uses to cook meals from scratch. She does not make any meals that are modern such as fajitas 

Neil also uses an original 1930s lawnmower to cut the grass at their pre-war inspired home in Watchet, Somerset. The couple also only ever pay for things with cash

Lisa said that she has a wardrobe stuffed with original 1930s clothing after being told about a business which supplied her with her whole collection of clothing 

‘I’ve got a real thing for gloves – we joke that if I buy any more I could look after a coach party.’

Six years ago, the couple moved into their current home, a much more spacious three bed house in Watchet.

They have been decking it out in 1930s styles since, including restoring the original Lino flooring, acquiring light switches, doorknobs and original cabinets.

The Fletchers also use an original 1929 Jackson grey enamel cooker for £250 second hand and a 1935 Westinghouse fridge which they purchased on eBay- both are in good working condition.  

Neil seen with his car, has helped Lisa restore the house’s lino flooring so that the home is as authentically 1930s style as possible 

Lisa, with her 1930s oven, says that the couple do not plan to go back to modern life and she has always loved history, carrying around a book when she was younger 

Even though some people are confused by their old-fashioned lifestyle, they do not plan to go back to modern-day living.  

Lisa said: ‘I was always interested in history from a child – I never liked shopping like other schoolgirls but I used to drag a huge history book around with me.

‘After Neil and I married, I bought a few art deco pieces for the house until eventually he got on board and started buying them as well.

‘We decided to go full 20s and 30s high style – for me it had to be full on glamour.

The couple also have a 1930s cocktail cupboard as part of the décor in their 20s and 30s inspired home which Lisa described as ‘full on glamour’

Neil and Lisa Fletcher’s gramophone at their house which they enjoy listening to music on as they sit and relax at home in Watchet, Somerset 

‘I think people assume we’re like something from Dickensian England, sat here by flickering candlelight – but it’s not like that,’ Lisa explained. 

‘But everything in our house has a story – if I woke up and it was all modern I’d lock myself in a cupboard and not come out!’

‘When people see us in the street they sometimes ask if we’re off to a wedding because of how we dress.

‘I think people see us as completely barking mad, but I couldn’t imagine anything else.’

The 58-year-old said that people probably assume the couple are ‘barking mad’ because of how they live and dress but explained that she would have it no other way

Everything in their house is in keeping with the era, including a bedroom clock that they use at home. Lisa said that getting every piece is always a bit of an adventure 

Lisa, pictured with one of the gramophones, said that one of the reasons they moved into their current home is because they had too many records and nowhere to put them in their old house 

Lisa and Neil keep everything in the style of the era, using landlines and 1930s themed drawers and doorknobs and even a typewriter 

The couple, who have no children, enjoy living as they do and say it makes them very happy. Lisa described their home as ‘lovely’

The Fletchers also have a full 1930s dinner service with original cutlery, glasses, table cloths and crockery for their traditional Sunday meals

Every piece in the house is second hand and Lisa said: ‘It all comes with a story. Everything comes from somewhere.

‘We bought this fridge when the owner told us ‘if you want it, you have to come tomorrow’ so we had to drop everything and rush to London that day to collect it.

‘We always end up on lots of little adventures.’

The Fletchers also have a full 1930s dinner service with original cutlery, glasses, table cloths and crockery for their traditional Sunday meals.  

Neil and Lisa Fletcher’s Cocktail cupboard house in Watchet, Somerset is vintage inspired and something they really enjoy to use 

Their 1930s home has original furniture, mirrors and cabinets. They try to not use online banking and stick to cash only where possible 

Lisa loves spending time in their home cleaning and hoovering, using their 1930s home. Their prized possessions are their gramophones 

But their prized possessions are their three gramophones, on which they listen to their 1930s music from vinyl records.

They had decided to move into a larger home because they had  ‘so many records in our collection that it was making the ceiling bow.’

She said: ‘I love my gramophone and I love my music.

‘When I go into the kitchen and lay the tablecloth with all my bits and pieces, then play our music, I just think how lovely it all is.’

The couple love to go into their kitchen and play music, laying the tablecloth and enjoying their home together. They only watch black and white films also

Their tiny television which they use was £100 from ASDA and they only plug it in when they want to use it. Lisa is seen here making breakfast for Neil at their home 

The couple also have a smaller one which they take out when they pack up a picnic basket to go for a picnic, in true 1930s style.

Their lifestyle also reflects the era- aside from a mobile phone Neil uses for work, they stick to a landline phone.

They keep their use of online banking and cards to a virtually zero in favour of traditional cash-in-hand purchasing.

They have one tiny TV purchased for £100 from ASDA, which they only plug in when they want to use it – although only to watch black and white shows and films.

The couple have a typewriter and bookshelves complete with a wealth of novels. They also have cushions that are in keeping with the 1930s style 

Their bedroom is also in the 1920s and 30s style, with pieces including a traditional bed, mirror and dressers. Their curtains are also in the old style 

While Neil is out at work, Lisa stays home to cook and clean – and opts to wash by hand and dry using a traditional mangle over using a washing machine and tumble drier.

Their lawnmower, vacuum cleaner and cars are also original and in-keeping with the time period.

Every week they have a traditional Sunday dinner sat around the table – and everything is homemade, with no processed food in sight.

The couple have collected a full 1930s tea set. Lisa does baking and cooking, making the couple a lot of pie, which she said might be a little ‘old fashioned’

Lisa said: ‘I cook everything from scratch and do all my own baking.

‘You’d be surprised the amount of food that came out in the 1920s and 1930s, and everything we eat is from that time.

‘We do eat a lot of pies like cottage pie, which I suppose is a bit old fashioned.

‘Nothing modern like fajitas – never has a tortilla come into this house!’

Lisa said that the couple went to a modern showroom but did not like any of the pieces as they have no ‘identity’ to them and so they stick with their old style pieces 

The couple get mixed reactions to their lifestyle. Some people are a little bewildered by the clothing and treasure trove of items they keep at their home

They also have a traditional old radio. Lisa admitted that some people have been very rude about the couple’s life and choices in the past 

The couple, who have no children, know they don’t fit the mould, but they live the life that works for them.

Lisa said: ‘Sometimes we have wandered through a modern home showroom, just out of curiosity.

‘They must have thought we looked strange walking through with our hats and handbags!

‘But you see it look so clean and neat and lovely and realise it says nothing about you at all, there’s no identity.

She said she hopes people will accept that the lifestyle makes them very happy. Lisa said she does not think their families understand but were impressed ‘how nice’ their home was when they visited

She said that everything in their home has a place it came from. There is a history to each piece and a story. Lisa did admit that their lifestyle cannot suit everyone 

‘Whereas everything in our home has a story, it comes from somewhere and has its own history.’

Lisa told how they get mixed reactions to their lifestyle – with some people supporting it and others a little bewildered.

She said: ‘I hope people will accept what we do and why – some are very complimentary but other people have been very rude in the past.

Their light fittings are also 1930s inspired and Lisa said that the couple are entirely used to their lifestyle now. They would not go back to 2022 living if they were given the choice 

‘I don’t think our families really understand it but we’re not all the same and it can’t suit everyone.

‘They were surprised by how nice our home was when they came to visit, though!’

Despite what anyone thinks, Lisa told how they will never go back to a modern lifestyle.

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