Couples reveal the reasons for their first arguments

Couples reveal the ridiculous reasons behind their first fights (and a woman admits she left her boyfriend after he told her to stop going JOGGING)

  • Couples have revealed the juicy details of how their first fight was nearly the last 
  • Taking to secret sharing website Whisper, lovers share their experiences  
  •  One woman said that her first fight with her partner was over a cigarette  
  • Another said that their first fight was over who gets to play on the Game Boy next

After the honeymoon phase, a couple’s first fight is inevitable – and sometimes it can be the smallest thing that prompts it. 

Men and women from over the world have taken to secret sharing website,Whisper to reveal their first arguments with their other half and how in some cases things got out of hand. 

One woman said: ‘My boyfriend and I have never had a fight before, is it sad that our first fight was over Forrest Gump and how Jenny used him?’

Another said that their first fight was over who gets to play on the Game Boy next and included the fact that she is 26 and he is 29.

One man was quite confused when he had his first fight with his girlfriend – over something she told him to do.  

This couple had an argument over the agenda of Jenny, Forrest Gump’s best friend 

This man ended up in trouble about something he claims his other half agreed to – but couldn’t work out who was in the wrong

Two fully-grown adults ended up having their first fight over whose turn it was to use the games console 

This woman was dumped because she decided to start running – despite having a lung problem

These two ended up having a full blown argument about a child that doesn’t exist

No smoke without fire: The reason for this couple’s argument was a cigarette

This concerned boyfriend was worried about his girlfriend’s state of mind, but unfortunately that resulted in an argument 

This person clearly didn’t learn his lesson after his first relationship failed due to his drinking

On a more positive note, this couple learned from their weaknesses and have built on their relationship 

He is well known for causing stark differences in opinions, which can be pretty heated when it comes to couples 

This person has been left in the lurch after she had a fight with her boyfriend over politics 

This woman is questioning whether their relationship will work due to the difference in their political beliefs



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