These Crystal Boxes Are Tailored To What You Want To Manifest & They’re Perfect For The Summer Solstice

As summer draws nearer, your needs grow louder. The season of power, lust, happiness, and ecstasy instills inspiration in us all. It calls on you to transform; to rise to the occasion and become a more vibrant version of yourself. There’s no better day than the summer solstice on June 21 to manifest the reality you’ve been dreaming of. With help from Kitsch’s new crystal boxes, which are tailored to what you’re manifesting, you’ll feel like anything is possible.

Even the biggest skeptic can’t deny the soothing and empowering effects of crystals. As for me, holding a shard of amethyst while sitting in stop-and-go traffic rids me of my road rage. Just sensing the vibrations emanating from such a gorgeous gem combs through the tangles in my soul. However, crystals can do more than just calm you down. They can guide you toward realizing your innermost desires. If the art of crystal healing sounds lovely and all but you simply have no idea where to begin, a crystal box that’s specifically tailored to your needs is such a genius blessing. The best part? A box only costs $26.

The summer solstice is the longest day of the year, pouring sunshine into your soul and filling you with stamina, motivation, clarity, and wisdom. It is when the seeds planted in spring reach their fullest potential, and you, my dear, are the only seed of your kind. With the power of crystals, the ways in which that seed can grow are limitless.

Tranquility Box

If you feel like negative energy rubs off on you wherever you go, you may need to work on setting protective boundaries. The Protection box is all the armor you need. Containing smoky quartz, black tourmaline, selenite, and onyx, these dark crystals repel toxic vibrations and clear your head of any depleting thought patterns. With the Protection box on your side, you’ll be so full of light that no darkness can bring you down.

Anyone can use a little protection in life, and so, every single sign in the zodiac could use this box. You can also insert objects that make you feel powerful or remind you of good things.

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