Curvy influencer says you don’t need to be ‘thin’ to look ‘flawless’ in lingerie

Most people want to feel good in the nude, but this is not the case for some.

If you are one of those who would rather cover up due to not loving your body – fear not.

Body positive influencer and bikini brand owner Karina Irby has revealed the ‘real’ side of lingerie shots in hopes to inspire others to embrace their own shape.

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The Australian beauty is no stranger to posting self-love content to her 1.2million Instagram followers.

And is certainly not changing her tune anytime soon.

In a recent post, the blonde bombshell stripped down to a matching lingerie set from Lounge Underwear.

Seductively, the thong-like bottoms accentuated her peachy behind while the straps rested on her waist. Karina finished the look with a bra in the same lemon and pink colour.

As she peered over her shoulder the influencer gazed at the camera while she flaunted her hourglass figure.

Karina captioned this part of the clip: “What you don’t see here…”

The influencer then exposed behind the scenes of the scantily clad video to show off features on her body.

Among her cellulite and dimples, the stunner filmed her belly and ‘jiggly’ thighs.

She also included shots of her face in bad lighting, lumpy knees and her thighs.

“And do you know what that means? You’re human. Welcome to the club,” Karina declared.

In the caption, Karina wrote: “Let’s break the stigma around wearing lingerie!

“For decades, the thought of wearing lingerie was a fantasy in that you had to look thin, sexy and flawless.

“LIES. And some A grade brainwashing!”

She continued: “Even the most beautiful, camera-ready models have cellulite, ingrown hairs etc.

“It was just never shown off. Until now!

“So enjoy my realistic breakdown of what my body looks like, up close and personal.”

Inspired by Karina, many people fled to the comments to thank her for showing her ‘real’ side.

One person commented: “My favourite kind of videos . Normalise being a natural cutie.”

Another user added: “Doing the lord's work. Needed this reminder today.”

While a third person voiced: “This is a good reminder to love our bodies just the way we are! It definitely put a smile on my face!”

Someone else praised: “You’re the only inspiration I have… I love you and cherish your realness.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person shared: “Karina, this is the whole reason I follow you on Insta! You are such a sweetheart and so gorgeous and so real. We need more like you for sure!”


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