Curvy woman has wardrobe malfunction after turning tights into crop top

A curvy woman decided to try a fashion hack that's been trending on TikTok.

Erin Samjo followed the advice of a fashion influencer called Joslyn – and attempted to wear a pair of tights as a top.

But she called it the "scariest moment" of her life as she almost suffered a nip slip.

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Erin played the video by Joslyn, which advised: "Wear tights as a cross cropped top".

She then grabbed a pair of black tights and placed them over her neck – crossing the end bits over her front and wrapping them around her back.

After securing the tights with a knot, she adjusted them to make sure they were covering her breasts.

But it didn't quite work out for Erin.

"Once again…tights," she said.

"I felt the fabric move. I felt it start to roll."

She froze and stood in an uncomfortable position fearing the tights would slip off any second.

In a last ditch attempt, she leaned forward to show viewers how the leggings were hiding her modesty.

"Look at these…oh my God," she said with a wheezing laugh.

The next second, she covered her boobs before the video cut off.

"I was fearful for my life at the end, this was not secure!" Erin wrote in the comments.

Joslyn did leave a remark warning that the trick worked for her body type, adding: "However you can layer these for more coverage".

Her comical reaction left viewers in stitches, with one saying: "I almost screamed for you. Glad you got it in time."

"Oh my God the overhang…" a second noted.

And a third shared her thoughts, adding: "At that moment I was thinking 'that's a lot of faith in that fabric…'."

Others enjoyed having a good laugh – but some pointed out that the "leggings top" could be a good hack when it comes to breastfeeding.


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