Dad branded ‘cruel’ for how he punishes misbehaving ‘little f**kers’ over Xmas

A dad has sparked a heated debate on social media after he shared the 'cruel' way he punishes his children if they misbehave at Christmas.

The bloke, who posts under the username BennyG7070 shared a video of a lit fireplace, with presents dotted around the room in festive wrapping paper in what seemed to be a blissful setting for the holidays.

But the illusion of a happy family Christmas was shattered when he said he had a "top tip" for parents to help make sure their kids behave for the holidays.

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In the viral clip, which has gained more than 24.2 million views, he said: "With Christmas approaching, here is a top tip for parents. Wrap up some empty boxes and pretend that they are presents.

"Then each time one of those little f**kers misbehaves, chuck one onto the fire."

The TikTok video concluded with the dad grabbing an empty, neatly wrapped Christmas present, and throwing it into the fire.

In the caption, he added: "Christmas is coming, and here is a surefire way to ensure your little darlings behaving proper."

However, viewers were left divided over the advice as many thought it was unfair on the children.

One user said: "Guess who’s going to the retirement home."

Another added: "Don’t do this, some kids can get scared for real so I wouldn’t recommend."

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A third commented: "Ah yes, let’s start the childhood trauma early and make them hate Christmas."

But others thought it was genius, as one user argued: "That’s a great idea wish I could have done that to my kids when they where younger."

"My dad did this, we started to behave after this," another wrote.

A third added: "This is brilliant."


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