Dad turns car into greenhouse for tomato plants so he can make his own pizza

Here’s a reminder that you don’t need a massive garden to get growing.

Ian Hall, 62, has turned his car – which had been sitting dormant in the driveway – into a greenhouse for three types of tomato plant.

He hopes to grow plenty of tomatoes so he can make his own pizza sauce.

The dad is also currently mastering dough, so he’ll be ready for the tomatoes once they’re ripe for the picking.

Ian is also growing some pak choi, but doesn’t plan to include this in his homegrown pizza.

Perhaps a stirfry will be his next project.

The retiree came up with the idea to turn his car into a greenhouse after the temperature plummeted late last month.

Slugs began to get at the tomato plants in his garden, so Ian had to find them a new spot.

He realised his ET20 Mercedes could be the perfect environment for growth as the car stays warm inside even when the weather is chilly.

Pulling down the seats provided a cosy greenhouse space for Ian’s tomatoes and other veg.

Daughter Astrid said: ‘He’s had six weeks to the gallon on his car so far, in terms of driving it.

‘The car is lined with plastic to prevent water damage.

‘It creates the perfect environment as it’s warm in the sun even when it’s cold outside.’

We can’t wait to see that pizza.

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