Daily horoscope for November 3: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Tuesday’s horoscope is heavily influenced by Mercury stationing Direct during the day. When the Messenger planet appears to stand still in the sky, astrologers think the energy starts to even-out and resume its normal flow.

Tuesday’s Mercury position coincides with the day of the US election – helping the political tension to finally ablate.

So whatever the result, you can rest assured that it is finally over and there is certainly no going back now.

All that is required is to sit back and wait in anticipation of what the future may bring as the results start to arrive.

Mercury is putting out feelers, allowing advocates of astrology to look forward to a future, despite it being as of yet unwritten.

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However, you can resist the temptation to take a quick peek at aiding a more informed decision.

As retrograde Mercury turns Direct, some may well feel it is practically standing still in the star sign Libra.

This, unfortunately, may only add to some people’s stress levels.

And this theme may be ever-more exaggerated as it occurs under the watchful auspice of the ringed jewel Saturn.

The Solar System’s second-largest planet is right there where you need it today.

Saturn is considered by some to be holding stationary Mercury under his astrological architecture and making many of us do some serious thinking.

Thoughts have been believed able to be all-the-more heavier when Saturn and Mercury engage in a cosmic dance.

This may well be far too sombre, harsh and even cynical for the vast majority.

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But the best bet today is simply not to allow negativity to rule over you.

Think of this Tuesday as a reality check, meaning it is an ideal opportunity to stare whatever you have been avoiding straight in the eye.

Doing this is a vital first step in helping resolve matters before you move on with your life.

The Gemini Moon is also a key player in your plans on November 3.

This is particularly the case because Earth’s natural satellite creates a Sextile with Red Planet Mars.

The Sextile is an astrological aspect formed when a planetary pair are two signs or approximately 60 degrees apart.

This lunar combination is thought to be of conversation, as well as some rebellious action.

But at the same time, a Square with Neptune is almost certain to muddle things up come tonight.

So, astrologers advise whatever you attempt to do this Tuesday, try your best to get to the bottom of it, or you may only make matters worse.

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