Daily horoscope for October 19: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Monday’s horoscope kicks-off with the Moon moving into star sign Sagittarius at 4.44am BST. YouTube astrologer Gregory Scott believes this means taking defined and guided action is a good idea.

He said: “It is about listening to what your higher self says about the Universe and actually implanting these actions.

It is about listening to what your higher self says about the Universe

YouTube astrologer Gregory Scott

“This works well with the broad themes of the week: listening, getting real insights and guidance and doing something with this.”

The Moon, in astrological circles, is considered to be the most sensitive part of who you really are.

And Sagittarius is the Centaur, which can be thought to be constantly roaming the higher realms of the Universe in an attempt to expand his horizons.

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Mr Scott added: “On Monday, you will naturally begin to feel a sense of desire, especially when it comes to travel – although this is not going to be possible at the moment – in addition to education and connecting to the higher realms.”

Warrior planet Mars has moved to the star sign it rules – Aries – as another working week begins.

This would normally make the Red Planet extremely happy.

However, Mars is in Retrograde at this time, meaning you may feel less motivated than usual.

And at the same time, Mars forms a Square with gas giant Jupiter in Capricorn.

The astrological consensus is that a Square is an aspect revealing the tensions, obstacles and challenges in your life.

Mr Scott said: ”So rather than asking ‘what do I want?’, ask yourself ‘how can I apply myself?’

“This can affect positive change, helping you to work towards something, which should achieve good luck in the process.”

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Planet of love and beauty Venus is now in star sign Virgo on Monday.

The astrologer thinks this cosmic combination is somewhat surprisingly not the most romantic.

He said: “It is more concerned with making sense of things and analysing the information in front of you in order to make good decisions.”

Venus also forms a Trine with lucky planet, gas giant Jupiter, in addition to creating a Quincunx with Retrograde Mars in Aries.

Mr Scott thinks taking the taking the intellect that you have, and being practical is going to serve you very well at this time.

Finally, the day draws to an end with messenger planet Mercury in Scorpio.

Mr Scott said: “When it comes to thinking and communication, the emotions are going to play a big role.

“And it forms an Opposition the planet of rebellion and eccentricity, Uranus in Taurus.

“So, again, listening to your feelings is super-important and any amazing and wonderful thing can happen as a result.”

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