Your Daily Horoscope for Monday, April 30


March 21- April 19

It feels good to hold your head high, doesn't it? You like the surge of power when you hold your ground in an argument or tell someone what you really think. However, you've crossed the line between confident and overconfident. You're actually being surly with your critics. Take a step back today and consider what you're trying so hard to defend. It might be that your critics have a point, or that you need to be a little less selfish.

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April 20-May 20

Your safest bet is to put your head down and do what you do best: Keep putting one foot in front of the other till you get where you're going. Conserving energy is important too, so shift your heavy load one way or another if you need to. Delegate when you can. If that's not possible, you'll just have to put some things off till your usual energy returns. Remember, performing a superhuman balancing act isn't the thing now. Just keep moving forward and you'll be doing okay.


May 21-June 21

Laughter has always been a central focus in your life. You're a born trickster. Even when tricksters are wrong, they're in touch with their senses of humor. Bullheaded types are not. So which one are you? Today, you might tend toward the latter. This just isn't your style. If you don't laugh at a person or situation that normally would have you rolling on the floor, you've entered an unhappy, obstinate head space. It's time to get back in touch with the amusing side of life.


June 22-July 22

Life gets emotionally intense today, but that's nothing new for you. You know the ropes. Just make sure you stay tactful when you're dealing with other people — especially people you love, or those you need to impress. It's tempting to be lazy in how you treat others. Don't let whatever you're really thinking come out of your mouth. It's better not to let anyone see the patches or seams in your demeanor. If you have to fake it, do so in order to preserve your positive relationships with the people who matter to you most.


July 23-August 22

Why sit around when you could be doing something? It's totally OK to get physical, but plan ahead if you want this to be meaningful. If you're building your skyscraper on unstable ground, those high hopes are bound to collapse. If your ego is moving back into the old mansion of glory, there could be a lingering fear of old ghosts. You might be ready to sacrifice an uncertain future for some short-term prize, but hold off. There are possibilities and there are limits. Reevaluate the whole situation today.


August 23-September 22

You're quick to find fault. Yes, that's you tearing down somebody else's hard work or turning away in disappointment. What's up with that, anyway? Maybe you need to prove yourself, or maybe you have unusually high expectations. Why not plant your feet firmly in reality and attach yourself to solid truths instead? It's totally OK to have strong desires, and it's totally unnecessary to suffer in silence. Ask for help today. Be specific. Friends are here for you, and you'd be surprised how well they know exactly what you need.


September 23-October 22

You're enjoying the subtle mysteries of life. This isn't some aggressive detective story. It's an intricate and beautiful dance. You're creative enough to see it that way. Your relationships seem filled with passion now, and you're interested in figuring out what's changed inside you. Maybe nothing has really changed; maybe it's just your truth, your own inner spirit, becoming more apparent to you. Subtle vibrations you're perceiving will lead you to contemplating something a lot bigger than you. Get ready for new insights.


October 23 – November 22

You can be a bit cagey these days, smug, shifty and not exactly a chatterbox. Maybe you really are sitting on a pile of need-to-know data, or maybe you're just pretending that you're on a mission from the gods. Just do your homework whether you're totally sincere or totally bluffing. When you put out the right vibes, others will find your secrecy fascinating or intense, but definitely charming. Be open to their help if you're motivated to actually get something done today. It'll be so worth the effort once you see what happens.


November 23-December 20

A relationship or a creative endeavor is both intriguing and confusing today. Don't expect that to change soon. Data flows like water, and energy slowly pools up, waiting to spill over. You're receiving plenty of information, but at this point, it's still too subtle to process. Just be receptive, and store away everything you learn. You'll be able to put it all together later like one big puzzle. You will make more sense of it then. Today, it's still a little too soon to get excited.


December 21-January 19

With just one step, you could cross the threshold from hard work into easy magic. You're almost too good today, so wise and sexy that most people can't believe it. That might explain why they're suddenly so shy or all over you with impossible expectations. It'll be OK to seek the reward you deserve. And no one would blame you if you took a little more than your share. That's one advantage of being so popular. Everyone is chasing you now, but don't get used to it. These conditions have been known to change at a moment's notice.


January 20-February 18

There's a bit of tension in the air right now. Maybe it's about what they expect versus what you want, and it's coloring everything in a cynical light. Or maybe you don't know what you want, and it's a tug-of-war between fad hunger and true appetite. Don't be so quick to follow the herd just because you want to belong. There are a lot of ways to make yourself approachable, although you have to factor your dignity into that whole interaction, too. Find deeper ways to connect with others today.


February 19-March 20

Oftentimes raw creativity doesn't make any sense. It's like a volcano, a geyser or any other natural wonder: You just have to stand back and make room for the explosions of light and color. Your best bet today is to open your heart, follow your muse without doubt or question, and express yourself in any way that seems appropriate in the moment. Go on instinct, and trust in the path the universe has laid out for you. It will all make sense later.

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