Dashcam captures moment child walks along ledge – but it's an illusion

Teetering on the edge! Dashcam captures heart-stopping moment child appears to walk along a narrow ledge outside a first floor window (but all is not what it seems)

  • Young child appears to be in perilous danger as she tiptoes along building edge
  • Dashcam footage captured the entire dramatic moment in Guangdong, China
  • But it becomes apparent youngster is indoors, between the blind and window  

This is the heart-stopping moment a young girl appeared to walk along a narrow ledge on the outside of a building, one storey up. 

A concerned driver captured the heart-stopping moment from the dashcam of his car in Guangdong, China, earlier this month. 

But on closer examination of the child repeatedly stepping back and forth along the ledge, it became apparent that all was not as risky as it seemed. 

The youngster was in fact inisde the glass and was walking along behind the blind, creating the illustion that she was outside the window. 

This is the moment a young girl in a blue dress was captured on camera appparently walking along the ledge of the Venice restaurant in Guangdong, China

Observers witnessed the heart-stopping moment in Guangdong, China, earlier this month, which was recorded on a passing motorist’s dashcam 

From a distance, this young child looked to be in perilous danger as she tiptoed along outside the Venice restaurant, above a branch of Pizza Hut. 

Thankfully, the little girl was not outside at all – in fact she was very much playing along the windowsill from within the safety of the indoors. 

The footage was captured on a dashcam and shows a bustling street with motorbikes parked below, and peopl egonig about their business.  

It shows the young girl, wearing a denim dress and white sandals,  seeming to play in a very dangerous situation. 

One witness saw the drama unfold in front of him as he parked up close to the building

In one particularly alarming frame where she’s standing on tiptoes, it looked as if she could easily go teetering backwards over the edge.

However, as the footage progressed it became obvious that it was just an optical illusion created by the youngster playing behind the blind in the restaurant. 

For anyone still not convinced, there appeared to be an adult sitting nearby in the restaurant, and just an arm’s length away from where all the apparent drama was unfolding – and he remained completely unfazed throughout.

But as the footage unfolded, it soon became apparent that the ‘danger’ is just a trick of the eye, and the young girl was playing inside the building 

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