Dax Shepard Reveals Kristen Bell Wears Gloves In The Pool To Avoid Pruning Fingers

Celebrities, they’re just like us.

On his latest Instagram post, Dax Shepard revealed to fans that his wife loves to hit the pool, but there’s just one catch — she hates pruney fingers, especially when they touch skin. So over the weekend, Dax shared a photo of his beautiful bride in the pool as she raises her hands up in the air, sporting a pair of black pool gloves. The actress is all smiles as she looks into the camera rocking a black patterned bikini that reveals a little hint of her toned tummy. To complete her poolside look, Bell can also be seen rocking a fedora as well as a pair of purple and brown tortoise sunglasses.

Fans of Shepard had mixed views on the post, with some thinking that the gloves were a little bit strange while others thought that they were a brilliant idea as they too have pruney-finger phobia. Within just a day of the post, Shepard’s photo has already received 174,000 likes in addition to 3,000 comments.

“I need these for my husband!! He is the exact same way! Always lifting his hands out of the water so they dont get prunes.????”

“But wouldn’t the moisture and heat inside make it happen faster,” another fan asked.

My bride wears gloves in the pool because she hates the feeling of pruney finger tips on skin. #Hollyweird #iloveher

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It appears as though Dax also enjoyed a little pool time this week as he shared a photo of himself and a few pals in front of a pool. In the photo, the 43-year-old can be seen in a pair of ripped shorts and work boots. Like his wife, Dax also rocks a fedora while displaying his toned abs for all of his followers to see. This post gained the funny-man a decent amount of attention with over 53,000 likes in addition to 500-plus comments.

“Horseshoes, tennis, swimming, kielbasa and quads are our business, and business is good,” Dax captioned the black and white photo.

Fans of Shepard and Bell know that the pair has a playful relationship, often joking with each other in both in-person interviews and on social media. As the Inquisitr shared last month, Bell shared a hilarious Instagram story, telling her fans that she was just enjoying her meal when she came upon an “unexpected friend for dinner,” which turned out to be a slug. She said that questionable salad was prepared by her husband, Dax Shepard, using lettuce from the couple’s garden. When Kristen questions if she should eat the salad or not, her husband had a hilarious reply.

“You have to, he’s been in all the lettuce anyway” her husband quips back as the video ends.

Clearly, the couple has a great sense of humor and that’s probably why they have so many adoring fans.

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