Demi Lovato Fires Manager As Rumors Of Her Relapse Begin To Swirl

Demi Lovato is, as of late, a bit of a troubled pop star.

You alright, sis? Demi Lovato’s latest actions have people wondering if, perhaps, she hasn’t relapsed into the abyss of drug addiction.

Radar Online is reporting that the “Cool for the Summer” pop starlet has fired her longtime manager, Phil McIntyre, while she was in the middle of her tour.

Demi Lovato’s firing of her longtime manager has many insiders buzzing.

Though the official reason for McIntyre’s firing is that Lovato “wanted to go in a different direction” with her music and her career, a source told the outlet that the real reason McIntyre is no longer part of the team is that he was the only one who called her out on her bad habits and she’s not having it!

But a source close to Lovato claims that she’s trying to be in a “good, positive place” and that she’s severing all ties with people who threaten her sobriety.

In fact, it was recently revealed that Lovato cut all ties with her former rehab center, CAST Recovery, after years of having a close relationship with the founder, Mike Bayer, for the same reason she cut ties with McIntyre.

But there’s an added complication to her split with Bayer: money and branding.

According to the outlet, Demi Lovato was a brand ambassador for Bayer’s recovery center, and part of her contract required that she stay sober in order to remain a brand ambassador.

The fact that she severed ties with CAST suggests that she is, in fact, no longer sober.

As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, Demi Lovato has been throwing a lot of shade at a lot of current — and former — associates as of late.

Lovato took to Twitter to post “good luck on your blog” shortly after her now former associate Bayer wrote the same thing on her Instagram page.

The day before, Bayer went off on a tangent about the trouble with working with celebrities, claiming that there’s a difference between being an artist and being talented.

While Bayer never mentioned Lovato by name, many of her fans believed that he was referring to the “Confident” singer because she has been his most high-profile client to date.

Ruby Rose also added fuel to the fire by tweeting this response to Lovato’s shade.

Granted, all of this is little more than speculation about Demi Lovato’s sobriety, but when taken as a sum total of everything, let’s just say it doesn’t look good.

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