‘Dexter’ Producer Daniel Cerone Boards U.K. Adaptation of Japanese Crime Format ‘Connected’ (EXCLUSIVE)

“Dexter” and “The Blacklist” producer Daniel Cerone has boarded the U.K. adaptation of Japanese crime drama format “Connected,” Variety can reveal.

The veteran producer is overseeing the U.K. writers’ room for the show, which is the first project to emerge from a co-production deal between U.K. production company Envision Entertainment and Japanese broadcaster Nippon TV.

Presented to potential partners for the first time on Tuesday at French drama festival Series Mania, “Connected” is currently looking for international partners. The first edition of the show is set to air on Nippon TV in April.

Inspired by the likes of “Serial,” the format is centered on a brand of sleuth known as a “homebound detective” (think investigative journalism group Bellingcat). Scouring the Internet for clues, the group gets to the bottom of crimes using advanced research skills. The original Japanese show is based on Nippon TV’s “Double Booking,” which also took place in an online environment.

Pitching the show in Lille, Envision CCO Michael Nakon — who co-developed the dea for “Connected” with Nippon TV creative director Itaru Mizuno — described it as such: “Where ‘Bones’ had skeletons and ‘CSI’ had crime scenes, we have the Internet.”

More to come.

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