Disabled people share ways their partners have expressed their love

Disabled people share the heartwarming ways their partners have made them feel loved – from planning their outfits to touching their ‘stubs’

  • Disabled people responded to a Twitter post asking about their experiences
  • The thread asked them to share their stories about what their loved ones do
  • Some shared how their loved ones care for them by doing things they can’t
  • Several said their partners wouldn’t judge and would know exactly what to do

Disabled people have been sharing the heartwarming ways their partners make them feel special – from running them baths to touching their ‘stubs’.

The online discussion was started by Imani Barbarin, from Paris, who asked her followers: ‘What are some of the physical ways your partner makes you feel loved that are different from the way abled people show love?’

She asked disabled people to share their experiences using the hashtag #YouCanLoveMeButYouCantHoldMyHand, and stories poured in thick and fast.

The hashtag proved to be extremely popular with dozens of people taking the time to respond.   

Dozens of people responded to a thread asking disabled people to share how their partner had cared for them (file photo photo)

Twitter user Imani Barbarin created the thread, asking people to share their stories and it proved to be very popular

Twitter user 4WheelWorkOut, a disability activist, wrote: ‘He touches my scars and stubs. I used to flinch [because of] my scars and stubs. But that’s one way I knew he loved me.’ 

While Kat McFarlane wrote: ‘Had an amazing boyfriend at 20 who was a killer salsa dancer. He made up new moves for me that would take the pressure off my knees. I danced!’

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Another user said: ‘I can’t begin to say all [my partner] does for me. Never lets me feel guilt when the pain is too much for me to help. Physically supports me lower myself into the bath, etc. 

‘Supports my mental health by making a me specific subscription box. This is just the tip of the iceberg.’

Several people shared their heartwarming stories, paying tribute to the ways in which their partners express their love

Shain Donnelly shared a heartwarming story about her husband, writing: ‘Sometimes my muscles get so painful and hard that they feel like bones, and my husband will rub them for me and say “oh, it’s really bad today,” which makes me feel better because he is letting me know that he knows I’m not faking.’ 

As well as physical disabilities, people shared how their partners helped to deal with their mental illnesses. 

One user wrote: ‘Honestly, I can’t believe how patient and forgiving he is in letting go of some of the horrible things I’ve said in the midst of borderline panic attacks. I can’t imagine anyone else moving on like him.’

Charlotte Issyvoo wrote: ‘My husband and I both have PTSD. We know how to take care of each other through that.’

The touching stories highlighted the thoughtful ways that partners and loved ones looked after the Twitter users

However, despite the heartwarming stories, some people responded by admitting that the thread made them feel lonely and that they struggle to find love.

One person said: ‘I don’t have a partner because they can’t get passed my disability and hurt me even more when I have a bad flare up and it ends. 

‘Don’t mean to hijack this thread but genuinely wondering where are you people finding healthy living partners? I’m especially devastated about it today.’

She was met by an outpouring of support, with Imani Barbarin replying: ‘I’m sorry this brings up a painful aspect of loneliness. 

‘I’m in the same position and haven’t found anyone yet but this thread gives me hope. 

‘For me, I think I need to be more open to people that want to be closer to me.’

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