DIY Halloween Snacks, Easy Holiday Treats, Party Foods


Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!” There’s a reason why these lyrics have been engrained in our brains since we were little kids — Halloween is, for the most part, all about the snacks! With the spooky holiday right around the corner, we know you’re getting invited to lots of themed parties where you simply cannot show up empty handed. While bringing a bag of mixed candies is great and all, we want you to stand out among the crowd and whip up some iconic Halloween snacks that not only taste great, but look great, too.

We know what you’re thinking — creating festive food is hard! It’s so much easier to just run out and buy pre-made goodies! While that might be true, we promise you that the below Halloween snacks are super easy to DIY, even if you’re not someone with the hosting prowess of Martha Stewart or dessert-making skills of Buddy Valastro.

Edible Mummies

Make three slits in a hotdog and proceed to wrap thin strips of Pillsbury Crescents all around to make edible mummies that are delicious AND adorable.

Ghost Lollipops

Witch Brooms

Think making a snack that looks like a witch’s broom is hard? Think again! All you have to do to create these tasty treats is stick a pretzel stick into a miniature REESE’S Peanut Butter Cup — the grooves in the chocolate look like a broom’s bristles so you hardly have to do any work.

ghost cheese sticks

If you’re feeling extra lazy but are still looking to get into the spirit of Halloween, simply draw eyes and a mouth on the wrappers of cheese sticks and you suddenly have cylindrical ghosts.

Apple Mouths

These snacks are good enough to eat! Make edible mouths by spreading peanut butter between two slices of red apples and sticking mini marshmallows in between. The apples are the lips, the PB is the gums and the marshmallows are the teeth — see?!

Witch’s Hat Cones

This isn’t the easiest of the DIY treats, but it’s definitely one of the cutest. Instead of baking a cake in a typical pan, back your batter inside triangular sugar cones. Once that’s done, flip them over and paint them black and attach to any black cookie (like an Oreo, for example). Get creative and add some details you’d typically see on a witch’s hat to finish it off and you’re done!

Spider Web Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a staple at almost every holiday party. Instead of bringing orange-frosted ‘cakes to a Halloween event this year, show off your ~skillz~ by drawing spider webs with frosting on top of the yummy treats. We know it may seem hard to do, but trust us — follow this step-by-step guide and it’ll make your life SO much easier.

Zombie Brain Cupcakes

If you’re not into spiders, you can also try to create these zombie brains with pink frosting and a steady hand. Follow the guide above and impress all your friends!

Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Pumpkins

Witch Hat Cookies

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