Doctor explains how woman is weightlifting with vagina in viral video

A woman has confounded the internet by showing how her extreme pelvic floor strength enables her to lift 20lb with her vagina.

Reacting to the viral TikTok video, NHS surgeon Dr Karan Rajan says the astonishing feat is possible but tells people there are better ways to strengthen your pelvic floor.

In the clip, physiotherapist Dr Sara Solomon @drsarasolomon wears a skirt to cover her modesty as she lifts the weight, which is attached to a kegal ball in her vagina.

She squats several times and holds the position, not looking remotely tired.

The video was watched more than 10million times and viewers joked she should "make her own diamonds" due to the pressure she can exert.

Meanwhile, others didn't believe the video could be real and said it would slip out "faster than a bar of soap on a water slide".

One viewer said: "I barely do 2 push-ups every 3 months and people are doing pelvic floor strength thingie?"

Another viewer joked: "It's already the most powerful thing in existence… please don’t make it stronger."

"The strangest flex I've ever seen on the internet," commented someone else.

According to the NHS, Pelvic floor exercises strengthen the muscles around your bladder, bottom, and vagina or penis.

All you have to do is squeeze the muscles 15 times a day, holding each squeeze for a few seconds once you have become used to the exercises.

There is no need to lift weights with your genitals – and it's possible this could cause injury or tears.

A strong pelvic floor can help with incontinence, erectile dysfunction, and even make stronger orgasms.

Dr Karan said: "You definitely don’t need to do this to strengthen your pelvic floor!

"If you have any pelvic floor issues you can see your doctor or pelvic floor therapist for more detailed exercises.

"Other ways for the average person to strengthen their 'core' are abdominal exercises, squats, deadlifts, etc."

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