Donald & Melania Trump’s Public Kiss Seemed ‘Forced’ — Body Language Expert Says

Donald and Melania Trump flaunted some PDA on Wednesday, but our body language expert isn’t convinced the affection is genuine. Here’s all the EXCLUSIVE details!

President Donald Trump, 71, and Melania Trump, 48, surprised those in attendance when they shared some PDA during a Mother’s Day event on Wednesday, May 9, honoring military moms and spouses. After the First Lady introduced her husband, he embraced her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. However, despite their broad smiles, our body language expert doubts the authenticity of the gesture. “This is a forced kiss,” Patti Wood tells EXCLUSIVELY. “If you look at Melania’s mouth there is tension all through the face and mouth. Her lips aren’t relaxed, the way they would be going into something she expects to find pleasurable.”

Ms. Wood went on to add that the subtle discomfort doesn’t end with Melania’s face. Throughout her posture are tell tale signs of reticence. “When she leans in for the kiss, her hand is up underneath his arm and you can see the tension in that hand. The fingers are not quite flat but they are not wrapped around his arm in affection or in a desire to connect with Donald. They have tension in them and resistance. It’s as if the fingers want to go down and away. His positioning is rather stiff and odd too. If you look at his shoulder positions they are very sharp angled instead of rounded. He’s not rounded and embracing, his shoulders are at a very sharp angle that shows tension. He is not relaxed.”

She also argued that, ironically, this kiss seems to indicate a lack of intimacy between the husband and wife. “In fact, if you take a step back and look at the kiss, it really doesn’t even show them as a couple. Based on the way they are kissing, they could be on a receiving line and this level of affection would be appropriate. It’s very forced.”

There’s plenty of things pushing this couple apart in recent days including near-daily revelations concerning the now-president’s alleged affair with porn star Stormy Daniels, which are not the only infidelity allegations facing the couple. Playboy model Karen McDougal also detailed an alleged affair with Donald in an interview with Anderson Cooper in March. According to a recent Washington Post report, Donald and Melania “spend very little to no time together.”

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