Drake Does Not Appreciate 'Put It on His Tab' Prank

Incidentally, the bill would have been upwards of $800k.

Drake may be rich, but he’s not “pay some random stranger’s six-figure bar tab” rich.

The rapper was enjoying a drink at a bar recently when a man had the audacity to walk up beside him, place an enormous drinks order… and attempt to get him to pay for it.

“Miss — let me get 2,000 cases of Virginia Black, 40 cases of Bumbu, and three cases of tequila,” the man orders, prompting a bemused side-look from the “God’s Plan” hitmaker.

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But his look of bemusement suddenly drops when the man adds at the end “… and put it on his tab. He said he’s got it.”

“Are you sure?” the barmaid uncertainly replies — presumably directed at either man — before the “baller” shuts her down for even daring to challenge him.

“You know who this is, right? This is Drake!” he animatedly declares. “You know who this is? This is Toronto himself. The 6 God. This is ‘b—— callin my phone like I’m locked up, nonstop’.”

Drake shakes his head at the barmaid, signaling he has no clue who this guy is, before returning his incredulous stare to his fellow patron.

“Relax bro,” he tells him. But the man does not relax.

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“Okay? Let’s see what happens next,” he says, getting even more excited. “Put it on his tab, he said he got it. Alright? Everything… everything. He said he got it.”

Drake finally gets annoyed and swats the phone out of his hand.

As it turns out, Drake is not the first to be hit with the “Put it on his tab” prank, the brainchild of Instagram comedian Trav Que, who previously got very similar reactions from the likes of Dave East, D. L. Hughley and Jim Jones.

Just as hilarious is his “I got bars” series, in which he approaches rappers and singers, and asks them to listen to his lyrics… before rapping their own songs right back at them (disgusting the likes of Chris Brown, Wyclef, Busta Rhymes and Tory Lanez in the process).

Incidentally, with say, Patron tequila, the bar tab Trav tried to unload on Drake would have cost $835,308 on Instacart (and presumably considerably more at a bar), so it’s not surprising he balked (even though he probably could have got a sizeable discount on Virginia Black, since he owns it.)

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