Duchess Kate Made a Bathroom Stop at a Random Pub and Everyone's Shook

In case you had any doubts that the royals are mere mortals just like the rest of us, Duchess Kate Middleton pulled a super-relatable move and made a bathroom stop at a local pub after getting caught in traffic.

The Daily Mail reports that Kate was with her daughter Princess Charlotte on “the notoriously busy A3 trunk road” and popped into a London pub to use the loo. And naturally, everyone there was shaken to their very core—with one guest musing, “It just goes to show that the royals are like any other family,” and another saying, “I was sitting in my usual chair and when I looked up I saw Kate Middleton, I mean the Duchess of Cambridge and her daughter, Princess Charlotte.”

The pair were accompanied by a plainclothes detective from the Royal Protection Squad, who checked the place out prior to the Duchess and Princess coming in. “They seem very nice, totally normal,” one pub-goer said. “Princess Kate was holding her daughter’s hand.”

In conclusion: Kate is all of us. Also in conclusion: when you gotta go, you gotta go,

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