Duchess Meghan Brings Back Her Messy Bun

Duchess Meghan is spending time in Sussex with her husband Prince Harry and fans of the royals have noticed that her signature messy bun is back. On Wednesday, Markle and her husband were visiting the University of Chichester and this is when people noticed that her former go-to hairstyle had been put back into play again.

Us Weekly notes that throughout much of September, the Duchess of Sussex had often gone with blowouts of her brunette hair. In some appearances, it had been styled to be quite straight, while in others it had some of her natural waves left flowing. Meghan Markle often goes with a center part, which she easily pulls off, but her hair is sometimes styled with a side part or with some of her hair clipped back.

While Meghan’s hair looks gorgeous when it’s worn down, Markle has become known for her messy bun that works well for her in both casual and formal settings. During the Duke and Duchess’ Sussex appearances, Meghan wore her hair back in a loose chignon with one wavy tendril down over the right side of her face.

As Glamour notes, Markle’s messy bun on Wednesday looked quite similar to how she wore her hair for her wedding last May. While it’s not exactly in line with the typical royal protocol, the media outlet describes the messy bun the Duchess wears as a great fit with Meghan’s “effortless glam and easygoing vibe.”

The Inquisitr shared that Meghan and Harry shared some PDA while in Sussex for their royal obligations, another break from the traditional royal protocols. Markle wore an emerald green blouse and skirt along with a Giorgio Armani cream-colored coat. The Duchess also wore beige pumps by Stuart Weitzman and an Adina Reyter pendant necklace along with a gold chain bracelet.

Meghan’s messy bun is described by her wedding day hairstylist Serge Normant as “A low bun in the back with dimension” that isn’t messy as much as it is “unstructured volume.” Many feel that the style is something of a nod to Markle’s California ties and it’s clearly something that she feels comfortable wearing.

The Duchess has quickly embraced the royal lifestyle along with the numerous rules of protocol involved. At the same time, she’s pushed the boundaries in small ways since her wedding to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s messy bun hairstyle making a reappearance is just one of the latest signs that she’s going to add her own tweaks as she develops her personal royal style.

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