The VERY easy hack that will make it easier to clean your barbecue

Revealed: The VERY simple hack that will make it so much easier to clean your barbecue (and all you need is some SAND)

  • Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI) recommends sprinkling sand over barbecue
  • The sand will absorb the cooking juices and make it easier to clean off the fat
  • It’s also a good idea to leave the gas on after cooking to burn off residue 

Everyone loves a barbecue but the arduous task of cleaning off the grease after you’ve finished cooking fills many with dread.

Now cleaning experts at Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI) have shared a hack that will make the job much easier – and all you will need is some sand.

Sprinkling this grainy substance onto the tray where the grease and fat collects will apparently make cleaning up the residue a doddle as it will absorb the cooking juices.

The trick takes just seconds but will save you precious time on cleaning up your dirty barbecue so it’s spotless for the next time you want to use it.

When the barbecue has been extinguished or turned off, sprinkle sand in the drip tray to absorb the grease and fat

All you have to do after you have finished cooking and have turned off or extinsguished the barbecue is to sprinkle sand over the grease and fat in the drip tray. 

The sand will soak up the juices, which means you will then just have to wipe the grease away. 

The experts advise that if you have a gas barbecue, you should leave the appliance on for a short time after cooking to burn off some of the food residue.

The sand will make it much easier to clean up the grease and fat in the drip tray

Cleaning experts also say that you should never leave cleaning the barbecue until the next day, or god forbid, until the next time you want to use it.

They point out that food residue is a lot easier to clean off when it is still warm than when it has dried onto the appliance. 

Another tip for preventing too much food residue left sticking to the grill is to ensure you grease the barbecue before using it.

Ideally, use natural cooking fat from the meat you are cooking, but alternatively, you can also use sunflower oil.

Some people also rub half a lemon or an onion over the grill to help season the food as it cooks. 

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