Edison Chen's 3152C and OBJECTIVE Join Medicom Toy for Bold EDC [email protected]

Edison Chen‘s 3152C and L.A.-based label OBJECTIVE have joined forces with Medicom Toy for an expressive [email protected] depiction of Chen.

It’s been 14 years since Chen released his last [email protected], and this new one features a handful of updated designs that represent some of the ways Chen’s life has changed throughout the years. Written at the back of the figure’s pink ears are the numbers “2020” placed between a note that reads “I’m a boss!” — the 2006 model reads “Hi, I’m stupid!” There are also plenty more banknotes tucked in the back of the [email protected]’s underwear compared to the earlier iteration. The new figure appears to have been given a bit of a tan as a nod to Chen’s L.A. residence, suggesting that he’s spending more time relaxing in the sun these days. As a finishing touch, there’s a small palm tree drawn near the bottom left ankle to reflect Chen’s close relationship with Dr. Woo, who also lives in L.A.

The 3125C x OBJECTIVE x Medicom Toy “EDC” [email protected] will be available on December 12 on The Store Dot’s website — prices have yet to be confirmed.

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