Emily Blunt Says Tom Cruise Told Her to ‘Stop Being Such a P—y’ When She Cried Over ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Suits: ‘I Did Laugh’

Emily Blunt revealed on the “SmartLess” podcast that she started crying after trying on her 85-pound “Edge of Tomorrow” suit for the first time, which led co-star Tom Cruise to tell her: “Come on, stop being such a pussy, ok?” It was all in good fun, however, as Blunt added, “I did laugh, and then we got through it.”

Cruise and Blunt headlined the Doug Liman-directed 2014 action movie, in which they play soldiers in the future fighting against an alien race. Cruise’s character finds himself stuck in a time loop and forced to relive the climactic day in which the aliens win, unless he can reverse the outcome.

“We had to wear these enormous suits, which I think would’ve been great if we had CGI’d them, but we wanted to do it in a tactile way,” Blunt said on the podcast. “When you hear the word ‘tactile,’ you think that sounds nice and cozy. There was nothing cozy about these suits. It was like 85 pounds. It was so heavy. The first time I put it on I started to cry, and [Cruise] didn’t know what to do.”

Blunt said Cruise “stared at her,” adding, “I was like, ‘Tom, I’m not sure how I’m going to get through this shoot,’ and just started to cry. I said, ‘I’m feeling a bit panicky about the whole shoot.’ He just stared at me for a long time, not knowing what to do, and he goes, ‘Come on, stop being such a pussy, ok?’”

“I did laugh, and then we got through it, but the training was intense,” Blunt concluded.

“Edge of Tomorrow,” based on the 2004 Japanese novel “All You Need Is Kill” by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, grossed $370 million at the worldwide box office. Liman, Cruise and Blunt have long discussed wanting to return for a sequel, but the project has never officially gotten off the ground at Warner Bros.

“We wanted to. Honestly, I think the movie’s too expensive. Yeah, I don’t know how we’re going to do it,” Blunt said in a recent CinemaBlend interview (via IndieWire). “I think that it’s hard to align everyone’s schedules. I would love it. [Director] Doug Liman would love it. Tom would love it. We’d all love to do it, but I think until we figure out what’s going on with the industry – honestly, I think we need to figure out what is the next road map for the kinds of films that people want to make.”

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