‘Empire’ Recap: A New Detail Is Revealed About Who Could Be In The Coffin

Cookie and Lucious try to give Treasure her big break, Andre stirs up trouble, and the flash forward reveals new details surrounding one character’s death during the Oct. 3 episode of ‘Empire.’

When the Oct. 3 episode opens up, Becky comes up to Lucious in the chapel. He’s still crying. “You couldn’t have known,” she tells him. Couldn’t have known what?! Well, at least we know Becky is still alive.

A few months before, Cookie and Lucious are psyched about Treasure. They want to get her on the radio as soon as possible. Lucious does a radio interview to premiere the new song, and he gets blindsided. He doesn’t want to talk just about his personal life and dirt on Empire. When the radio station doesn’t play ball, Lucious walks out.

Over at Empire, Giselle is ready to be announced as the official CEO. But she’s completely caught off guard when Kelly Patel names her sidepiece Jeff Kingsley the new SEO! Giselle is LIVID and literally rips up one of his couches. Slay, girl.

Jamal is getting sick of Hakeem and his friends trashing his place. He takes Hakeem to see Andre in prison. Hakeem is still holding a grudge over Andre killing Anika. While Hakeem is away, Tiana sets up a meeting with Kingsley and Becky. He believes in her and wants to help her take the next step.

Lucious realizes that he’s going to have to play ball a little bit in these radio interviews. He agrees to talk about his song “A Child Is Born” to get Treasure’s record on the air. Lucious opens up about when he and Cookie lost their first-born child, a baby girl. The radio station makes good on their promise and plays Treasure’s song. Meanwhile, Cookie is supposed to be getting new music out of Treasure, but the girl keeps choosing her day job. Cookie doesn’t have time for that.

However, Cookie doesn’t get the chance to work with Treasure again because Giselle snatches her up for Empire! She has balls. But then Lucious gets a call from Lucious. He wants to meet with Cookie and Lucious. The next day, they all show up at a diner of Kingsley’s choosing. Kingsley claims he wants to take Empire back to its roots, and that starts with bringing Cookie and Lucious back. He offers them chairman and chairwoman emeritus of Empire and agrees to put Lucious’s face back on the logo.

The episode ends with Lucious watching the coffin be taken away for burial. Thirsty comes up and asks Lucious who he wants to ride with. Lucious says he wants to ride alone. What happened to Cookie?! The FBI comes in to talk to Lucious right as he is about to leave. Cookie better be alive. That’s all I have to say.

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