Entrepreneurs want to hit it big on ‘Staten Island Hustle’

Staten Island Hustle

Wednesday, 10 p.m., CNBC

Staten Island Hustle’s New York Water Maker is already making a big splash from CNBC.

It’s all about making the money. CNBC’s “Staten Island Hustle” explores the entrepreneurial aspirations of five friends — auto repair shop owner Michael Palmer; legal cannabis dealer Adolfo LaCola, general contractor Dominick Detore; credit card processor Ron Montana and Wall Streeter Tony DeCicco — who invest in products they come up with or those presented by others.

Blustery New Yorkers to a man, the Hustlers bring brio and street-smarts to a normally buttoned-down world as they work hard to cook up the next Instant Pot. Over dinner at Angelina’s, their favorite local Italian restaurant, the Hustlers clue in The Post on what makes them put their money where their mouths are.

How did you guys wind up working together?
Dominick Detore: We’re all friends, we used to have lunch and shoot the breeze. One day Ron said, “Why don’t we all do something together?” We [decided to] bring in our ideas and see what sticks.

What does it take to be a Hustler?
Detore: You work long hours and don’t take no for an answer. It’s in our blood to make money and to help out our families.

How much of your own money have you put in so far?
Detore: Around $400,000.

You guys are all good friends but are also brutally honest. There is no shortage of chop-busting. Adolfo, you seemed to take the worst of it when you brought in suits to sell the guys.
Adolfo LaCola: A friend of mine had a bunch of suits. I bought them with these guys in mind. [Admittedly], the suits had yellow pinstripes and lapels as wide as the Belt Parkway, but I thought the guys would want to buy them. It turned out to be a horrible idea. Because I bought the suits [and had other investments working], I was short for investing in the New York WaterMaker.

But your friends helped you out with that. What inspired the New York WaterMaker idea?
Detore: We were talking about getting depressed on vacation. The bread and pizza never taste like they do in New York. It’s the water.

So you worked with a company to devise a machine that changes the chemical structure of water from anywhere in the world and makes it taste like New York water. How’s that going?
Detore: Right now we have it in three pizzerias and we’re talking to a very large chain that could order 2,000 of them.

On the show we see successes along with flops. What’s an idea that failed?
Ron Montana: I came up with the idea of having tanning beds in my garage. Then Mike [Palmer] said he knows a gazillion people. I bought two more, put them in my basement and began killing it. But I wasn’t licensed and was told [by the Building Department] to stop.

— Michael Kaplan

The crew hits the streets to see if Uncle Dom’s cardboard idea has legs from CNBC.

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