Fantasy football ‘loser’ parades around in women’s bikini bottom — again

He’s a glutton for punishment.

Angelo Boemio once again found himself in the hot seat Monday, four years after he went viral for sauntering down Route 9 in New Jersey wearing a pink Speedo.

The chef and restaurant owner’s skin-baring walk of shame was an agreed-upon punishment for finishing dead last in his fantasy football league, which adopted the humiliating statute five years ago. As part of the agreement, the last-place finisher each year has to walk for 10 minutes holding a “I suck at fantasy football sign” down the popular Toms River thoroughfare.

This year, Boemio sucked once again. But he found himself much more prepared for the consequences.

“I had a drink to loosen up, and I just said, ‘It’s showtime,’” he told The Post.

In 2016, the video of Boemio in the banana hammock was picked up by news outlets from as far away as New Zealand and the United Kingdom. It also made him a local celebrity, especially among the customers at his family’s restaurant Three B’s in Lakehurst, NJ.

“Months later, people were coming in and asking if I was the pink Speedo guy. We have a lot of elderly customers, and the ladies in different clubs would come in and be giggling, and I would be like, ‘Alright, take it easy, girls.’”


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