The Food Meghan Markle Won’t Be Able To Eat Anymore Now That She Is A Royal

The royal family has a multitude of food rules that family members must adhere to

Being a new member of the royal family can be hard. There is a multitude of rules to follow and some of them can seem downright ridiculous to the uninitiated. Take, for example, the garlic rule.

According to Bustle, Meghan Markle is no longer able to consume garlic now that she is a royal family member.

“We can never serve anything with garlic or too much onions,” Darren McGrady, royal chef at Buckingham Palace, revealed to the Express. “The Queen would never have garlic on the menu.”

This rule likely has a very practical side to it. After all, garlic is renowned for its smell and it would certainly be embarrassing for royal family members to be attending functions with a bad case of garlic breath.

According to the Express, Meghan Markle is not confined to meals at the royal palace or with the queen when it comes to consuming garlic. She will no longer be able to eat garlic while attending any royal functions or while traveling abroad in a royal capacity.

However, garlic is still allowed to be eaten, so long as it is done in private and not during royal functions or events. So, Meghan Markle will still be able to grab a late-night kebab if she so chooses, provided she eats it at home and removes all evidence of the dreaded garlic breath before she attends any royal functions.

So, what are some of the other food rules when it comes to members of the royal family?

BBC reports that the royal family is not allowed to consume shellfish while traveling. While some may assume it is because shellfish can be rather difficult to eat elegantly, this rule is much more practical in reality. The shellfish rule is enacted so that the royals minimize the risk of food poisoning while abroad and potentially miss out on prior official engagements and meetings.

Harper’s Bazaar reports that royals have a specific way in which they must drink their tea.

“Teacups are held in a specific manner, pinching the top of the handle with your thumb and index finger, and placing your middle finger to support the bottom of the handle. The handle of the cup should always be kept at 3 o’clock, and royal women are advised to try and sip from the same spot to avoid getting lipstick stains around the rim.”

BBC also reports that the queen also keeps her own set of food rules. For example, she prefers not to eat messy foods such as pasta — even when traveling in Italy.

Another food rule involving the queen sees people attending royal functions stopping their meal whenever the queen does, according to Hello!. So, if you are at a function with the queen and you see her set down her cutlery, signifying she is finished, it is customary that everyone else present does the same.

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