Foster son of UK’s ‘most sadistic mother’ says she shoved pokers down his throat

The foster son of a woman dubbed Britain's 'most sadistic mother' has revealed the horrors of the torture she unleashed on him and his siblings over 13 miserable years at a remote farm.

Christopher Spry, now 30, has revealed how Eunice Spry terrorised him at the home in Tewkesbury.

He's told a new documentary she would shove dangerous objects down his throat in torture that began when he was just three years old.

He spoke to Channel Five's 'My Mother the Monster' documentary series makers how she would force hot pokers and knives down his throat as she tortured him and his foster sisters Victoria and Alloma.

Labelling the devout Jehovah's Witness "pure evil," he says she made him eat his own vomit and rat excrement during more than a decade of abuse that left him enduring lasting pain and mental health issues.

In the episode featuring Christopher, which aired on the channel last night, the survivor tells the documentary-makers her torture left him so physically and mentally scarred he is afraid of even visiting the dentist.

"I don't really know why Eunice did all this stuff to us, all this abuse,"

"I don't think she was insane, I don't think she was particularly mad, just evil. Just pure evil."

He tells the documentary makers how medics once found part of a metal blade lodged in his jaw where his foster mother had attacked him with a knife.

He also describes how she often starved the children and forced them to go without water for days, saying she once locked the three hungry children naked in a room with nothing for a month.

Eunice Spry, now 75, was jailed for 14 years for her crimes in 2007.

She was convicting of abusing several foster children in her care over a number of years.

She made them to sleep in cold, rat-infested barns with no water or electricity.

The children were denied meals and forced to eat their own vomit and rat excrement, and Spry beat them on the soles of their feet.

Her victims have previously told of how their torturer used to smile as she meted out punishment like ramming sticks down the children's throats and twisting them, rendering them unable to swallow.

Chirstopher had recalled in previous interviews being tied to the back of a van by his feet and dragged around a field as his head bounced off lumps of mud.

He would black out and awake bleeding, still being dragged.

The abuse stretched from 1986-2005.

Spry was finally exposed for her wrongdoing after a Jehovah's Witness secretly confronted one of her foster daughters, Victoria, about marks on her head caused by Spry rubbing sandpaper on her.

Victoria, then 19, managed to escape the house in 2014 to report to police what their sadistic foster mother was doing to them.

At the time Spry denied all of the claims against her, claiming the only physical punishment she ever used was smacking on the bottom.

However a Bristol Crown Court jury did not believe her, and a judge told Spry it was the worst case he had come across in 40 years practising law.

Spry's sentence reductions outraged her traumatised victims after she had her sentence cut back two years by the High Court.

She was released from behind bars in 2014 after serving only half her sentence.

Now Christopher, who still lives in Gloucestershire, tells the documentary he is a youth worker and married to his wife Emma with whom he hopes to have children one day.

But he reveals he still walks with a limp, suffering constant pain, and is being treated for scars that have turned cancerous.

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