From snakes to samurai swords — TSA’s ‘top 10 finds of 2019’ are insane

There’s a good reason you’re waiting forever on security lines at airports.

People are trying to bring some weird stuff — from weapons to creepy crawlers — on their flights.

The eagle-eyed officials at the Transportation Security Administration find bizarre objects in passenger’s hand luggage on a daily basis and dutifully post the weirdest on their Instagram — and once a year, they come out with their Top Ten Finds.

This year’s list, posted Friday evening, is perhaps the oddest.

In a note to fans, the TSA says: “Here goes…Wow, we weren’t expecting this! (Pulls sheet of paper out of pocket) First, to our officers, thank you for your dedication and hard work at checkpoints across the country! We wouldn’t have these numerous gems without your skilled screening abilities. Second, we would like to thank the traveling public for the inspiration. Clearly, these folks don’t follow this account… Finally, thank you to our followers for enjoying these strange catches as much as we do! Don’t let your friend’s item get featured on our page…”

The top 10 (banned) items, complete with TSA comment, from 2019 are:

10. Samurai swords (blades of three various sizes, found at Norman Y. Mineta San Jose Airport, California): “This one’s too small. This one’s too big. This one’s just right! Eh.. I’ll bring all three!”

9. Flares (found at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, Alaska): “For when you need a refill and the call button stops working.”

8. Guns/Knives (firearms with knives attached, found at Miami International Airport): “When you can’t decide whether to rob a bank or whittle stick for s’mores.”

7. Airbag (found at Orlando International Airport, Florida): “Extra protection never hurt anyone, right?!”

6. Power saw (found at Bradley International Airport, Windsor Locks, Connecticut): “When you can’t get those in-air snack packs open”

5. Martial arts sais (found at LaGuardia Airport): With a nod to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the TSA noted: “Someone returned back to the sewers mad! Should’ve @AskTSA before heading to the airport.”

4. Blow dart gun (found at Orlando Melbourne International Airport, Florida): “Discretion has never been this passenger’s forte.”

3. An uninvited Snake (found slithering at Newark Airport): “I’m tired of these UNINVITED snakes on these…”

2. Butcherknife (found at Tri-Cities Regional Airport, Blountville, Tennessee): “Cleav-ing on a jet plane…”

1. Moose poop (Juneau International Airport, Alaska): “’Number Two’ is number one on our list!”

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