Frustrated cinema goers share hilarious struggles of going to movies

Film fans reveal their BIGGEST pet peeves about going to the cinema – from eye-wateringly expensive popcorn to people who take their SHOES off

  • Twitter users have been sharing their recent experiences on visits to the cinema
  • Stacy Krone said she didn’t know which was to face when passing through aisle
  • Another user felt odd when she saw it was her and one other person in screening

Going to the cinema to watch the latest movie on the big screen can be fun – but it can be just as easily ruined by fellow cinema-goers and huge prices.

From feeling like you have to take out a mortgage to afford the food, to having the big moment ruined by a chatty movie watcher, there’s plenty that can go wrong. 

Frustrated cinema-goers have taking to Twitter to express their frustrations with modern day cinema excursions. 

One even revealed that a woman sat behind her had taken off her shoes and poked her in the ear with her two twice. 

Here, FEMAIL rounds up a few of the best…

Dylan Morris, from Leith in Scotland, was less than impressed with the price of medium sized popcorn at his local cinema

Jennifer Wallis, from Oxfordshire, claimed her political manifesto would promise to stop people talking during the movie

Harpreet Mander had an awkward moment at the movies when her alarm went off, blaring out Independent Woman by Destiny’s Child for everyone to hear

Soraya Boere, from Sint Jansteen in the Netherlands, shared this picture of a dog to encapsulate the awkward pose adopted to let cinema-goers past

Stacy Krone captured every cinema-goers dilemma when passing others to get to their seat

A student from Southern New Hampshire University revealed two women shared a bottle of wine between them at the cinema

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One Twitter user has blamed the Marvel movies for making everyone wait until the end of the credits for a bonus scene 

Caspar Salmon claimed that cinema-goers should be allowed to talk and text during the trailers

Carmen Marxuach, from Texas, regularly goes to the cinema alone but only felt odd when she spotted another solo cinema-goer

Blogger Kelly thought she was at the start of a rom-com after a fellow solo movie watcher sat next to her

Brit Chloe Rose revealed the girl behind her touched her ear twice with her toes during a movie

Alex perfectly captured the different reactions to the death of a human vs the death of an animal in a movie

One Londoner took issue with other cinema-goers sshing her to be quiet during the movie

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