Full Moon rituals: How to celebrate the last Full Moon of the year

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When you work with the Moon’s phases you’ll start to release that the Moon’s phase and what star sign it is in plays a role in how you feel. Wednesday, December 30, brings a Full Moon in Cancer and this is going to be transformative. How do you celebrate it? Express.co.uk chatted to Moon mentor and author of Lunar Living: Working with the Magic of the Moon Cycles, Kirsty Gallagher (@kirsty_gallagher_) and had a flick through Mama Moon’s Book of Magic: A Life-changing Guide to Star Signs, Spells, Crystals, Manifestations and Living a Magical Existence by Semra Haksever to find out some Full Moon rituals.

Whether you’re a novice or a total lunar expert, Moon rituals are a lot of fun.

When the Moon is Full, New, Waning, Waxing, and anything in between, you can perform different rituals to help you understand what is going on in your life.

Kirsty explained: “Month on month the Moon moves through a cycle of different phases from dark to new, waxing (growing bigger) to full, waning (getting smaller) back to dark and as she does she takes us on a powerful inner journey with her.

“Working with the Moon and her phases means that rather than being thrown around by emotions and life, you get to take back control and make relevant changes in your life, working with the ancient wisdom and magic of the Moon’s cycles to do this.”

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While this all might sound a little kooky to you, Semra explained the Moon has years more wisdom than we do.

She writes in her book: “The Moon was formed around 4.51 billion years ago as a result of a major collision between Earth and the planet Theia.

“The crash was so powerful it shifted the position of Earth’s axis to be at the most perfect point to synchronise and work with the Moon to help create seasons, and provide a gravitational pull so strong it controls the tides.”

She pointed out the Moon ensures the stability of the Earth’s spin, provides us with light at night, and has been used as a guide to the harvesting of plants and trees since ancient times.

She wrote: “Often we can feel the Moon’s cycle having an effect on our own energy and emotions. This is because the Moon influences us in the same way it does the sea.

“Just as it has the power to move huge bodies of water, the human body is made up of mostly water (about 60 percent) and just as Mama Moon’s strong gravitational pull control controls the tides of the ocean, she creates waves within us, affecting our sleep patterns, energy levels, menstrual cycles and moods.”

Full Moon rituals

What exactly is a ritual then? A ritual can be anything from applying lipstick and having a bath to charging your crystals under the Full Moon or making Moon water.

Full Moon days are the perfect time for celebrating the moon and harnessing its power and magic.

Kirsty said: “We have so many routines in life, but we have lost touch with having ritual and making things meaningful.

“New and Full Moon days give us the opportunity for ritual, marking the passage of time and reconnecting back to ourselves and the power and magic of the moon.”

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Kirsty said the full moon is the moment of completion and release.

She explained: “Under the Full Moon, hold a celebration ritual of all that came true or all you achieved during the waxing phase of the Moon, do something that feels like it celebrates you and your work through the first part of the cycle.

“The Full Moon is the time we release all that stands in the way, so releasing and burning rituals are powerful around the time.”

A burning ritual can include writing down what you want to let go of in your life and then safely burning it under the Full Moon.

She added: “You can also do releasing rituals around trapped emotions or limiting self-beliefs.”

If you’re into crystals, a Full Moon is the perfect time to charge them.

Different crystals have different healing powers such as calming you down, helping you attract love, or rejecting negative energy.

Charging crystals gives them additional energy and increases the intensity of intentions you set while using them.

Kirsty said: “The Full Moon is the perfect time for cleansing and charging your crystals, so make sure you put them outside or on a window seat so they can soak in the powerful lunar energies.”

Semra agrees with this idea and suggests laying them out alongside your written intentions and blessing them in the moonlight.

If you’re ready to take your rituals to the next level, why not try some witchcraft?

Semra’s book is all about spells and magic and details a spell for every phase of the Moon.

Blend three pinches of sandalwood, one pinch of ground cinnamon, one pinch of thyme, one pinch of dried rose petals using a mortar and pestle.

Work in a clockwise direction, and while you do so thank the Moon for her “light and energy”.

The book advises: “Thank her for shining her light on everything that you need to see.

“This is a great time for manifesting and expressing gratitude for all the things you are happy about in your life”.

Then, burn the concoction bit by bit on a hot charcoal disk using a small pair of tongs or tweezers.

Hold the disk over a flame for about 15 to 20 seconds and wait for the charcoal to spark.

When it does, put it in a heatproof dish filled with salt or sand.

Do this away from a smoke alarm and ideally outside – you can either keep the remnants in a jar, a pot or bury them in the garden.

If the spell was about banishing something, flush the remnants down the toilet or bury them far away.

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