Galaxy X: Samsung’s Foldable Flagship Could Be In For A February, 2019 Release

Samsung might have finally decided on the final release date of its most exciting smartphone to date.

Samsung’s plans for the long-rumored Galaxy X appear to have been leaked by South Korean publication The Bell. According to the financial publication, Samsung would likely unveil its next two flagships a bit earlier than expected, in order to make way for the reveal of the Galaxy X at the end of February, 2019, during the Mobile World Congress.

A key clue about this could be found in the recent rumors suggesting that Samsung would be releasing the Galaxy Note earlier than usual this year. Samsung’s flagship phablet traditionally had an early September release date, seeing as it is a device that the South Korean tech giant usually pushes out in order to compete with the Apple iPhone. This year, rumors are high that Samsung would be moving up the Galaxy Note 9’s launch to July. With this, the release of the device would likely be in August, significantly earlier than the usual timeline that Samsung adopts for the flagship phablet.

The same strategy would reportedly be adopted for the Galaxy S10, according to a report from Forbes. Rumors are high that the Galaxy S10 would likely be the flagship that the Galaxy S9 was not, with an in-display fingerprint sensor and a design that was not cloned from the Galaxy S8. With this also comes rumors that the Galaxy S10 would be released earlier than expected, with the South Korean tech giant reportedly set on releasing the device in January, 2019, during CES.

Such a timeline is very different from Samsung’s usual release cycles for its S and Note series devices. That is, of course, unless the company is making way for a device that would take the place of the Galaxy S10 in MWC 2019. This device could be the Galaxy X.

As noted in a T3 report, the Galaxy X appears to be nearly finished, with Samsung reportedly showing off prototypes of the device during a previous closed-door meeting with investors. In a recent earnings call, Samsung also broke its silence about the existence of the device, confirming that it is indeed in the process of developing a smartphone that could be flexible enough to be folded in and out.

The specs of the Galaxy X remain unknown, but considering its high-profile launch, there is a good chance that the device would carry flagship or near-flagship specs. Pricing of the Galaxy X has not been teased either, though the idea of the smartphone costing around $720 (similar to the S-series) is not that far-fetched.

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