Gemini 2021 horoscope – what’s in store for your star sign next year

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Coronavirus ruined everyone’s 2020 plans and 2021 is a beacon of hope for us all. Astrology is one way to suss out what’s in store for you this year. chatted to astrologer, cosmic coach, crystal healer and founder of the Moon Child Sorority, Bex (@cosmic_cures on Instagram), to hear her Gemini 2021 predictions.

The year will be a little chaotic to start, with Mercury in Retrograde between January 30 and February 21.

Bex said: “You begin the year with Mercury, your ruling sign, stationing retrograde (meaning it appears to move backwards in the cosmos).

“This generally invokes panic when it comes to travel, tech and communication, so if you’re planning any trips in February then check, double check and triple check your booking.

“That means tickets, times and dates, Gemini!”

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This retrograde is occurring in Aquarius, Gemini’s ninth house relating to long-distance travel and foreign lands.

Bex explained: “If you are planning a big move then ensure insurance, contracts and paperwork are all watertight.

“Additionally, back up your computer files and – if it’s an option – make a phone call rather than email or text.

“Things can get lost in translation much easier via the written word, and you may find people misinterpret your perspective on an important subject.”

The fog will start to clear when Spring arrives and Mars moves into Gemini on March 4.

Bex said: If you need to get your point across or have an important discussion then March is the time you’ll be particularly persuasive, silver of tongue, and basically have the gift of the gab.

“As Spring begins to bloom, you’ll feel a surge of enthusiasm for the pleasures life brings.

“You’ll also be more inclined to keep things light, so embrace your fun and flirty side and enjoy yourself!”

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Summer is the time for improving your life while having a great time.

Bex said: “Exciting moon movements occur in summer, when we see an Annular Solar Eclipse take place in your sign.

“Solar Eclipses are incredibly powerful times to set new intentions and embrace new beginnings.

“With the North Node also in Gemini, look out for opportunities to learn a new skill, start a fresh routine or apply for an innovative course.”

Bex noted that this is also a great chance to rediscover your neighbourhood or take a trip somewhere local.

She added: “This could mean exploring holiday spots closer to home than in far-flung lands – you never know what beauty could be hidden just beyond your doorstep!

“You may find yourself spending more time with close friends, siblings and your inner circle, as well.”

Jupiter is stationing direct in October, and this is the perfect time for Gemini to have some adventure.

Bex said: “This planet rules luck and expansion, and it is going direct in Aquarius.

“Now is the period you’ll find long-distance travel more accessible, so if you do want an exotic trip then autumn is the best season.

“You’ll also be feeling auspicious and optimistic – look out for good news, particularly regarding higher education, broadcasting or publishing.”

The final part of the year may bring a bit of drama, but you can avoid it.

Bex said: “The year ends with a Full Moon in Gemini combining with Venus retrograde in your eighth House, Capricorn.

“Communication is key during this period, because intimate relationships might feel a little tangled, confused and sticky.

“Keep an open mind and don’t speak ill of others behind their back – it’s just not worth it!”

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