Giant toilet paper rolls designed for millennials are here

It’s not just toilet humor.

Charmin has released a new roll of toilet paper that is nearly three times the size of the company’s regular product.

“Go up to one month before changing your roll,” Charmin boasts on its site, alongside customer review.

The standard toilet paper roll lasts for about 18 days. “For a lot of the single-user households we hear from,” Rob Reinerman, innovation director for P&G’s family-care business, told the Wall Street Journal, “this will last two or three months.”

“I really love not having to worry about buying t.p.!” a buyer named Richard wrote on the site.

Parent company Procter & Gamble created the giant rolls in response to research that showed a rise in single-person millennial households with limited storage space to stash many smaller rolls.

The product is also made with single seniors in mind, the Journal reports.

The oversized bathroom necessity — dubbed the “Forever Roll” — is still in its test phase. It’s available on Charmin’s site but not yet in stores.

While a standard cylinder of toilet tissue measures 4.7 inches in diameter, this new offering comes in 8.7-inch (single-user, $5.49 each) or 12-inch (for a family, $9.99 each) varieties.

Given their girth, a custom stand or a screw-in wall mount may be necessary. Charmin’s three starter kits ($29.97) come with a stand or one of two mounts in addition to three rolls.

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