Gigi Hadid and Zayn Reunite Once Again to Play Pokémon

After a very diplomatic breakup, which they publicly announced via Twitter, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have been spotted spending time together. On Tuesday night, Hadid proved just that, by posting a photo of herself and Malik, who is recognizable by his head of bleach blond hair apparently leaning in for a kiss, on Instagram stories. While the photo definitely doesn't confirm any type of relationship reunion, it definitely seems quite romantic.

Hadid added a playful touch to the grainy photo by including some Pikachu and Charmander stickers and making it clear they spent at least part of the night wrapped up in playing Pokémon. Still, given how often Hadid has commented on the many, many responses to her posts on social media, it's hard to believe that she wouldn't think of the fact that posting the photo would spark a flood of rumors. (Though it's also of course possible that at this point, now having come to consider it all "nonsense," she simply doesn't care.)

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik, as seen on Hadid’s Instagram Stories.

Hadid and Malik dated for more than two years and split in March, taking care to make it clear that there was no ill will between them in their breakup announcements. Since then, they also happen to have been seen making out in public, which definitely goes along with the idea that Hadid is past thinking what other people think—an attitude which her sister Bella, who was recently spotted making out with her former flame The Weeknd, seems to share. (Just because the pair have dared to hang out and make out with their exes by no means that either couple is back together or back to getting serious; if anything, it's more of a reminder that while the pair are supermodels, they're also at times just normal 20-somethings.)

Meanwhile, Gigi and Bella's brother Anwar and friend Kendall Jenner have been helping each sister out by diverting at least some of the nonstop attention: the pair sparked rumors of romance on Tuesday when a photo surfaced of Jenner apparently kissing and sitting on top of the 18-year-old model. (Which is, of course, another case of a lot being read into a single photo.)

No matter what's going on between them, for the moment, neither Hadid nor Malik seems to care to fill in their obsessive fans in. Malik in particular has so far shied from giving any hints, save for the not exactly juicy fact that at least he, and perhaps Hadid as well, has been getting into gaming. The only photo currently up on his own Instagram Stories, which he posted four hours after Hadid's, was simply a poorly angled photo of a Yu-Gi-Oh card.

The maybe hint of a Yu-Gi-Oh card in question, which Zayn Malik posted on his Instagram Stories.

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