Girlfriend Saves Her Boyfriend's Life After He Was Hit by Lightning on a Camping Trip

One near-death experience for a Colorado couple ended up making their love truly come alive.

On Saturday, Isaiah Cormier and his girlfriend of two years, Juliette Moore, went on a camping trip, but things almost turned deadly when Moore found her boyfriend face down on the ground with no pulse.

Cormier had been struck by lightning as he stood next to their tent, the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release.

Thankfully, Moore, of Boulder, Colorado, had taken a CPR class just one month before and sprung into action.

“I only had to do one round, and he came back and started gasping,” she told Denver 7. “And he stopped breathing again, so I gave him a second round of CPR after that he was breathing and doing alright.”

She was eventually able to get him into their car and drive him to a highway to get some help.

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“Rescue personnel from the Nederland Fire and Indian Peaks Fire protection districts continued to render medical aid to the man until they were met by AMR Ambulance,” the sherrif’s office said. “The man was subsequently transported to a local Boulder hospital for treatment. At the time he was transported, he was conscious and breathing.”

Cormier — who was released from the hospital a day and half later — is still extremely sore and has a mark on his neck from where the lightning entered his body.

“I was going to die she brought me back,” the lucky 18-year-old told Denver 7.

Moore, who is also 18, says in her head she was saying, “You cannot go yet. I have too many things I wanna do with you. You’re not allowed to leave me this soon.”

The teenager’s boyfriend now says she lights up his life more than lightning.

“His family started calling him Flash, everyone we talked to asked what his superpower was and when the next Marvel movie is coming out,” she added.

The couple also wants to stress how important they think it is to learn CPR — if Moore had not been trained, her boyfriend would not have made it.

“I first of all think the entire situation is ridiculous,” Cormier told CBS. “We never could have expected anything like this could have happened, but I’m very grateful that my girlfriend was there and knew CPR.”

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His doctor, Anne Wagner, at UCHealth Burn Center, agrees.

“He wouldn’t have survived if she didn’t know CPR,” she told CBS, adding that only two of her patients have ever survived being struck. ”It’s a super high voltage injury that transfers through the body. It does a lot of its damage under the skin.”

Going forward, both Moore and Cormier feel blessed for the people they have in their lives.

“Take a little time to be grateful for the people in your life today because they’re wonderful,” Moore told CBS. “Hold them a little closer.”

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