Girlfriend so moody after I confessed to cheating while she was pregnant

I’m 21 and it was all down to the fact that she’d had loads more sexual experience than me when we got together. She’s 23 and fit.

Six months after the birth I came clean. She cried like crazy and told me to leave.

Since then I’ve been begging to come back. We’ve met up six times and had sex but I know she has also seen somebody else for a night.

She said she was sorry and wanted me back – but now she has gone distant and moody on me, yet again. She says she needs space.

DEIDRE SAYS: Are you surprised that she’s desperately hurt? You cheated on her when she was expecting your child.

Her past is part of what made her the woman you love. Don’t go blaming your cheating on her.

Tell her you’re sorry and that you understand why she’s moody. It’s your job now to win back her trust. That could take time but ask her to try again for your little boy’s sake.

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