Golden Globes in Talks for NBC Return, But Reportedly 'Not a Done Deal' Yet

NBC opted out of airing the 2022 ceremony after it was revealed the Hollywood Foreign Press Association had no Black members — the organization vowed to make changes.

The Golden Globes are charging back to NBC in January 2023, according to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, but other industry trades like Deadline and TheWrap insist it’s not a done deal just yet.

In a stark departure from its first 78 broadcasts, the 2022 Golden Globes were first removed from NBC, then it was revealed it would not even livestream, and then it became a private event with the winners revealed via social media.

Now, it looks like the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is deep in negotiations with NBC to try and bring back the glitz and glamour of Hollywood’s most unpredictable — and now most controversial — awards show with a return to broadcast television.

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According to THR, it’s a done deal and they’re even narrowing in on an unexpected day for the broadcast event, Tuesday, January 10. Representatives for NBC and the HFPA declined comment to all three outlets.

The Globes have traditionally aired on Sundays, but the 2023 Calendar begins on a Sunday and the second Sunday in January is the last day of the NFL regular season (and NBC already broadcasts “Sunday Night Football”). The next Sunday has already been claimed by the Critics Choice Awards.

According to Deadline’s source, though, the date for the ceremony is one of the sticking points for the HFPA and why they’re still insisting it’s “not a done deal.” Another concern is whether or not boycotts by several studios and talent agencies would be lifted so the Golden Globes can enjoy its usual parade of huge television and film stars.

On Monday, a two-page letter was distributed to various stakeholders, per the outlet, that insisted “The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has answered the call for change by restructuring the organization in order to address institutional and systemic concerns.”

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The triggering issue for the boycotts and NBC’s ultimate decision was the reveal in a startling Los Angeles Times report that the very private 87-member HFPA had no Black members at all. Since then, they’ve expanded ranks to 102 members, with six of them Black, which falls short of its own stated goal, per TheWrap. They are reportedly working with the NAACP in this process.

The organization also said that it planned to allow non-members to vote on the awards, expanding its voter pool. The group said that it would ban members from accepting gifts and remove a cap on inviting new members. But these changes were not seen as extensive or enough, with some criticizing that the majority of its original member base appeared to still be there despite the HFPA insisting it was implementing stricter accreditation standards.

In July, interim CEO Todd Boehly’s investment firm Eldridge Industries purchased the HFPA, shifing it from a non-profit to a private business entity. A separate non-profit entity was subsequently created for its ongoing philanthropic efforts.

Last week, MRC separated its media assets from Eldrige, per TheWrap, leaving him with ownership of Dick Clark Productions, the production company behind the Globes. According to THR, HFPA members will earn an annual salary of $75,000, while those non-members invited to vote will be unpaid.

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Whether or not the Golden Globes comes back to NBC in 2023, the biggest question is going to be who will and won’t show up. Tom Cruise famously returned the three awards he’d won throughout his career in the immediate aftermath of the LA Times story, and there are many in the industry still holding to their boycott.

Still some publicists and other industry organizations are reportedly softening their stance. It’ll be interesting to see if NBC and the HFPA try to assess celebrity interest in being part of a televised broadcast as part of their decision, or if they might just move ahead and hope for the best.

The Golden Globes have been a huge part of the industry and oft-times a barometer of how films will fare at the Oscars. It’s traditionally large ratings have also served as a great promotional tool for both the television and film industries to get their new projects in front of as many eyes as possible.

For now, we’ll pencil Tuesday, January 12 on the calendar for the 2023 Golden Globe Awards, but keep an eraser handy in case things continue to evolve or change.

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