Grandmother Lyn Glass tries out millennial beauty treatments

Introducing the GRANNY makeover! Woman, 62, has £5,000 worth of treatments including millennial-approved lip fillers and microblading to see if they can tackle ageing

  • Lyn Glass, 62, from Surrey, had been growing worried about signs of ageing
  • Grandmother noticed wrinkles and sagging began to set in in her early fifties 
  • She decided to try out the new generation of cosmetic beauty treatments 
  • The beauty blogger had microblading, fillers, laser treatment and a threadlift 

From plumped-up lips to statement brows, there are more beauty treatments on the market than ever before.

But despite the growing popularity of image-enhancing procedures, most are better suited to Insta-conscious millennials than grandmas. 

To find out whether the latest wave of cosmetic enhancements are suitable for sixty-somethings, one image-conscious grandmother decided to see if lip fillers, threadlifts and mircoblading could really work their magic on her complexion.

Lyn Glass, 62, from Surrey, had been increasingly worried about the signs of ageing after lines and wrinkles began to set in in her early fifties. 

And despite having some reservations about the pain and downtime, the grandmother-of-two confesses she was pleasantly surprised by the youth-boosting results. Here, she shares her millennial beauty makeover journey.

Grandmother-of-two Lyn Glass, pictured after undergoing £5,200 worth of cosmetic treatments. She had microblading, lip and cheek fillers, a threadlift and laser treatment

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Lyn, a mature beauty blogger at, confesses she had been considering Botox for some time, but reconsidered when she heard about the new generation of cosmetic beauty treatments.

‘I started to really notice gravity taking its toll at around 52,’ says Lyn. ‘It didn’t bother me too much, however it did cause the occasional sigh. 

‘I had only really been thinking about Botox, as it seemed to be the thing to have. However on discovering new techniques, I was keen to try them out.’

Lip and cheek filler 

Lyn pictured before and after her visit to Lorena Öberg who administered a £395 ‘vampire facial’ followed by £2,500 lip and cheek fillers to give her skin a youthful appearance

As her first port of call, Lyn visited skin repair specialist Lorena Öberg for a £395 ‘vampire facial’ followed by £2,500 lip and cheek fillers. 

‘We used 4ml of filler on her cheeks,’ said Öberg. ‘This gave her a youthful look as well as helped with the appearance of under eye bags.

‘We put a total of 2ml of filler in her lips. Thin lips are very ageing and whilst a big pout is also not attractive, the trick is to give the lips a youthful appearance.

‘Finally, we used 4ml in her nasal labial lines as well as chin area in order to lift.’

Lyn said: ‘I have to say there was no pain with this treatment, only a tiny bit of discomfort in parts.

‘The lip and cheek filler took no time at all, I would imagine around an hour. My lips were puffy for around 24 hours and there was some bruising on the cheeks for a couple of days, but no major downtime which was a relief.’

Eyebrow microblading 

Lyn pictured before and after her microblading treatment, which cost £495 from Laura Kay London. She said she was surprised by how little pain she endured during the treatment

For her microblading treatment, Lyn visited Laura Kay London who charges £495 for a consultation and two sessions at her Chelsea clinic.

‘I was far more nervous about microbading than having anything done to my face oddly enough,’ says Lyn. ‘I was terrified of having two beastly looking caterpillars staring at me daily!

‘I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was nothing less than marvellous, has made a huge difference to my life, it looks 100 per cent natural, and literally everyone is jealous.’

‘It was less painful than being plucked and the results are heaven. The whole process was around 45 minutes initially and then a further top up around the same time.’

Laura Kay is a permanent makeup expert with over 15 years’ experience in the make up industry and clinics across the UK. 


Lyn pictured before and after the £1,500 threadlift treatment, designed to tighten the appearance of skin. The procedure took around an hour and she says there was no pain

Lyn during the threadlift procedure with Lorena Öberg. Costing £1,500, the procedure uses fine threads ‘sewn’ into the face to tighten the skin and jowls – and Lyn was delighted with the results

To tighten the appearance of her face and jowls, Lyn returned to Lorena Öberg for a £1,500 threadlift.

Known in the industry as a ‘non-surgical’ or ‘lunchtime’ facelift, fine threads with tiny cones along the length of them are sewn into the face with a needle and then pulled tight, gently lifting sagging skin.

Lyn’s threadlift took around an hour, she recalled: ‘Having had an absolute ton of pain killing cream applied to my face, there was no pain whatsoever,’ says Lyn. 

‘I could feel that my face was being touched and the odd moment of slight pressure but no pain at all in any way.’

Lorena Öberg is a skin repair expert, CEO and founder of Lorena Öberg Skincare based in London’s Harley Street and Surrey. 

Hand laser

Lyn’s hands before (left) and after (right) the £450 laser hand treatment which faded her melanin spots – despite ‘dead skin dots’ after the first treatment which later vanished

Öberg’s speedy £450 anti-ageing treatment, designed to tackle liver spots on the hand, works by fading the melanin over a period of four weeks using a laser.

‘The hand laser took me completely by surprise,’ says Lyn. ‘While laying on the couch being assessed by Lorena, she very casually lifted one of my hands and said, “Oh let’s get rid of those for you.” 

‘I was pleasantly surprised at the thought. The treatment literally took moments, with no pain.

‘At first my hands looked a little odd with white dead skin dots, but as the days went on they healed leaving no age spots underneath. It really is a marvel as I was very conscious of them.’

The verdict 

The finished product! Despite having some reservations about the pain and downtime, Lyn  confesses she was pleasantly surprised by the youth-boosting results

Lyn’s treatments 

Threads – £1500

Fillers Lips and Cheeks – £2500

Laser on Hands – £450

Vampire facial £350

Mircoblading £495 

TOTAL: £5,295

‘I am delighted with the results and honestly didn’t expect to feel as happy as I do with them. My two favourites were the threadlift and microblading. 

‘The most dramatic difference on my face is my jawline and my brows have been a lifesaver; not having to worry about applying brow product daily has been a joy. 

‘My hands have made a massive difference as I no longer feel self conscious of them. 

‘I can honestly say it has boosted my confidence in ways I didn’t expect.

‘If I am honest I didn’t expect it to make this much difference to me on a personal level, but it has made me feel so much better about the way I look.

‘Of course family and friends are wowed by the results –  but the very best thing for me is when people say, “Oh you are looking well,” without knowing anything. You then know that it’s genuine.

‘Also my blog readers have been following my journey on Instagram, and trust me those girls don’t hold back!’ 

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