‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Callie Returned For Arizona’s Exit In The Most Unexpected Way

Believe it or not, Callie played an important role in Arizona’s finale episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. To find out all about Callie’s unexpected return, look no further.

We really weren’t expecting Callie to play a significant role in the Season 14 finale of Grey’s Anatomy, as we haven’t seen her character since the Season 12 finale, but alas she made a comeback (sort of). Sara Ramirez didn’t actually return, but Callie’s presence was certainly felt. During the May 17 episode, which marked Jessica Capshaw‘s final episode in the series, a familiar song played. It was a cover of Brandi Carlile‘s hit “The Story”, which was performed by Sara during the Season 7 musical episode, “Song Beneath the Song”. But that’s not all…

Arizona, who was recently single after breaking things off with Carina, had made plans to move to New York so she and Sophia could be closer to Callie. And during the finale, Arizona revealed that Callie was also single now. Then, Arizona told Richard and April that she smiles every time that Callie sends her a text and she has been experiencing feelings for Callie again. Furthermore, it seemed as though Callie’s feeling the same way. After we saw Matthew and April get married, Callie sent Arizona a text that said, “I can’t wait to see you!” Aww.

How did you feel about the way Arizona was written off the show? Are you happy to hear she and Callie may be reuniting?

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