Groom has tree trunks for legs in hilarious badly framed wedding snap

Newly-WOODED bliss! Groom appears to have a tree stump for legs in hilarious optical-illusion wedding photo

  • Groom appears to have a tree stump for legs in hilarious wedding photo 
  • He was sitting on the stump for a photo, but his legs disappear due to the angle 
  • People joked it looked like the bride had dressed up a dead tree trunk for shoot

Newlyweds may well have been left disappointed to receive the photos of their big day when one romantic black and white snap left the groom looking like he had a tree stump for legs. 

The US-based couple were snapped sharing a tender moment at their beachfront wedding, with the bride standing and embracing her husband while he sat on a tree stump.

But the unfortunate combination of the bride’s position and where the photographer is standing means it looks like the groom is half man, half tree. 

The hilarious picture made its way on to the That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming Facebook group, where it was mocked by social media users.

A wedding picture of a US-based couple left social media users in stitches after the bride’s cousin pointed out it looks like the groom has a tree stump for legs

People joked the picture looked like the bride had dressed a tree up in a jacket after it surfaced online 

In the picture, the couple are captured embracing on a beach, with the bride’s white dress spread on the sand. 

The groom, wearing a white jacket, has his hands around his beloved’s waist as the couple kiss. 

But while the tree stump is clearly visible, the groom’s legs are not.  

It took a minute for people to figure out the optical illusion behind the bizarre picture. 

People were mind-blown by the optical illusion, with many saying it took them some time to find where the groom’s legs actually were 

People were left in stitches by the hilarious snap mishap, as it appeared the photographer did not take it from the right angle.  

‘I can’t unsee it,’ one said.  ‘Took me way too long to work that out!

‘A lovely trompe l’oeil,’ one noted. 

‘Plot twist: her husband IS a tree stump,’ one joked ‘And from here on his nickname will be Stumpy,’ wrote one. 

People joked the groom’s nickname should be ‘Stumpy’ and that the wedding photographer should have been more careful when framing the picture 

‘Oof this poor couple…the photographer really should have caught that,’one sympathized. 

Because the man’s face was not visible, some said they initially had thought the woman had dressed up a tree and was pretending to marry it. 

‘I’m deaaad I thought she was posing with a tree with a jacket on,’ one said, in my mind I’m like “so we marrying trees now ??”

The couple’s cousin, who shared the picture, revealed the groom’s legs were in fact hidden behind the bride’s body in the picture 

‘I cannot stop laughing! At this angle, she married a dead tree stump and dressed it up,’ another joked.

‘All this is doing is making me think about marrying a tree,’ another joked. 

It was explained that the groom was actually sitting on the trunk, with his legs hidden behind his bride. 

The edge of his need was actually visible just behind the dress.

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