‘Guys want me for mummy fetish as I have big boobs – it helps me earn 6 figures’

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Model Isabella James has gotten used to unusual requests from admirers over the years.

However, the stunner, who is known as the 'Spiritual Bimbo', has had her fair share of odd demands since joining OnlyFans.

And she said one of the biggest fetish trends around right now that her fans love is the 'mummy fetish'.

Despite only being in her early thirties, Isabella said a lot of guys ask to act like their 'mummy'.

And she said she thinks it may be due to her large chest.

Talking exclusively to Daily Star, the model said: "I'm only 31, but I get a lot of guys into the mummy fetish.

"I think it's because I have big boobs.

"But yeah, that fetish is really in right now."

Talking about about the trend, she added: "Guys say things to me like 'Oh mummy, I've been a bad boy'.

"It's kind of like when girls have their daddy issues."

However, that's not the only odd request the model has got.

She continued: "I had been doing cam work for 6 years before OnlyFans, so I've seen a lot.

"I started fetish modelling when I first did cam work, so I've been exposed to very different lifestyles throughout my years.

"Some guys fantasise about ways I can injure them, like pulling back their fingernails.

"Feet is obviously a huge fetish too."

However, despite fulfilling the needs of those who are into fetishes, Isabella says she 'caters to vanilla guys too'.

Whatever she's been doing, it seems to be working for her, as the model says she's earning six figures a month through OnlyFans.

Isabella also said she's fed up of people thinking she's dumb just because she's a model – saying she makes all her own money herself.

She added: "Everyone assumes that if you look a certain way, then you are a certain way.

"I have big t*ts and I'm blonde, so people think I must be dumb and using some man for his money.

"Society creates these archetypes.

"The thing is, I make all my own money, and not to toot my own horn but I'm very smart and very connected spiritually."

The meditation fan says she branded herself the 'Spiritual Bimbo' to reclaim the use of the word 'bimbo'.

She added: "I love pink and being hyper feminine, but I'm happy that way.

"Surrendering into not caring what people think is powerful in itself."

Isabella also hit headlines earlier this month as she told us she's in an open relationship and lets her man hook up with other girls.

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