‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Finale: Is [Spoiler] Dead Or Returning For Season 3?

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ season 2 was filled with a number of shocking twists, and one moment left a major character’s life in jeopardy. Could this character be dead and gone? Here’s what went down and what we know about season 3 so far. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Buckle up, Handmaid’s fans. The season 2 finale ended with the intention of having your jaw on the floor. While June’s journey to save her daughter’s future takes center stage, the episode spends a good amount of time following Emily (Alexis Bledel) as she adjusts to being a handmaid for a mysterious new Gilead man named Commander Lawrence (Bradley Whitford). On the night of the Ceremony, she presents herself to him, ready for the to be ritualistically raped. However, Lawrence isn’t interested in that and tells her to go back to her room. 

The next day, Aunt Lydia stops by to check that Emily has done her duty as a handmaid. To Emily’s surprise, Lawrence lies to Aunt Lydia, telling her the ceremony went off without a hitch. It seems like Emily’s home-free… until things get dicey, literally. Since Aunt Lydia can’t leave well enough alone, she starts to antagonize Emily about being a “good girl,” which sends Emily over the edge. She pulls out a knife she’s been hiding for protection and begins mercilessly stabbing Aunt Lydia over and over again, before finally throwing her down the stairs. The last we see of Aunt Lydia, she’s lying stone-faced and bloodied on the floor. It doesn’t look good for the amazing Ann Dowd.

While the moment is both gruesome and oddly satisfying, it now begs the question of whether or not Aunt Lydia will return for season 3. Considering she won an Emmy for her role on the show — and could very well win again this year — it seems unlikely that she’ll be killed off for good. However, now that Emily has escaped Gilead with June’s daughter, this may be the setup to save June (Elisabeth Moss) from blame again and allow her to return to Gilead without much issue.

When asked about season 3 during a SiriusXM interview on Sandra Bernhard’s show Sandyland in April 2018, Ann wouldn’t divulge anything except that third season is happening. She said filming would “begin in September.” Ann didn’t say whether or not she’d be filming scenes! The wait for season 3 is going to be long, but it’s going to be so worth it.

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