Haylie Duff Welcomes Her Second Daughter, Lulu Gray Rosenberg, With Adorable Instagram Post

Her new baby makes four for Haylie Duff and her growing family!

On her Instagram account today, the 33-year-old shared a photo of the latest addition to her family, daughter Lulu Gray. She and fiancee, Matt Rosenburg, are already parents to three-year-old daughter Ryan. The photo in the sweet post shows Ryan and Lulu together in their first picture.

Ryan is all smiles as she looks into the camera with a huge grin on her face. The tot is playing dress up in the picture, wearing a matching purple princess dress as well as a matching purple crown. Baby Lulu is wrapped up in a blanket in her sister’s arms as she rests her head on a pillow and appears to be fast asleep.

Duff reveals that the baby arrived two days earlier on June 5. Not surprisingly, the Real Girls Kitchen blogger’s photo has already gained a ton of attention with over 73,000 likes as well as 1,100 plus comments in just two short hours of being posted. Many simply commented on the photo to congratulate Hailey on her new baby while others couldn’t get over how beautiful Lulu already is.

“Yay for Sweet Lulu what a beauty just like big sissy and mama!”

“She is so beautifully cute!!! Congratulations,” another fan wrote.

She arrived June 5th, and brought all her magic with her! Ryan is the happiest big sister & we are finally a family of 4! ????Meet our littlest one… Lulu Gray Rosenberg!

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On her popular Instagram account, Duff posts many photos of her daughter, Ryan, and fans can only assume that they are about to be treated to a ton of photos of Lulu as well. Her last post before the one welcoming Lulu came on May 28 as Duff shared a photo of her fiancee and daughter Ryan.

In the photo, the father/daughter combo appear to be having a great time as Matt wears a beanie hat and makes a funny face Ryan as they sit together at the breakfast table. Ryan clearly thought her father’s antics were hilarious as she looks at him with a fork in hand and a giant smile across her precious little face. That particular photo also gained a lot of attention from Duff’s fans with over 35,000 likes and 140 plus comments.

Clearly, we are a very refined family with excellent manners. ???? #MondayBrunch

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Many fans simply commented with emojis while countless other fans took to the photo to gush over how cute Duff’s little family is.

“Your daughter is beyond precious,” one fan wrote.

“@haylieduff you’re amazing and I love when u share moments like ths with your family…ur girl is so adorable!!! greetings from latin america…you’re the best,” another fan wrote.

Congrats again to the happy family!

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