Here’s How Close Becca Really Is With The Past Bachelorettes

Friendships are often forged between reality TV show contestants — Bachelor Nation especially noticed that this past year as the women competing for Arie’s heart grew closer — and now the premiere of The Bachelorette hints that Becca has some other franchise pals up her sleeve. According to an ABC press release, a few former Bachelorettes show up to help Becca through her first night in the house. So is Becca on The Bachelorette really friends with Jojo, Kaitlyn and Rachel?

It’d be pretty odd if they were all longtime BFFs, especially considering Becca is so new to the franchise, so Becca’s face isn’t exactly frequenting any of their Instagrams or anything. But they very well could be friends behind the scenes — the past Bachelorettes have made a point to give Becca advice as she heads down this road they all previously traveled, so it makes sense if they do talk regularly. Kaitlyn, who was the Bachelorette back in 2015, told how she hopes Becca handles the situation of choosing the right guy on the show.

"So you always have to go back to your gut and your heart, and at the end of the day, you’re going to get confused, and that’s okay, but always come back to real feelings," Kaitlyn told the website. "I would go on dates with other guys, I would be like ‘I really like this guy,’ but I’d always come back to my heart and be like, ‘but I’m still thinking about Shawn [Booth, who won the final rose].’”

Jojo, who was the Bachelorette in a past season as well, has also imparted some wisdom for Becca. “You know what, she had a really tough go. It’s her moment now, so I’m excited for her,” Jojo told People magazine. "I would say to really try to just take a moment during this experience, because it’s really crazy. I feel like I suffered amnesia from my whole experience and don’t remember anything, so to just try to live in the moment if you can."

Rachel, the most recent Bachelorette, wasn’t shy about weighing in on Becca’s season either, both to Becca directly and when asked about it in an interview. "Becca is a saint. Becca handled [the breakup with Arie] way better I think than I would have … I think Becca was so classy in the way she handled it," Rachel told NBC. "For Becca, it’s working out. I had the opportunity to talk to her, and I said, ‘Girl, this is your moment. Feel empowered. This is about you. Forget what happened with Arie. All these men are coming here for you, so embrace it. That’s such a beautiful thing.’"

"I just told her, ‘Listen, this is about you, and it’s OK to feel a little bit selfish in this moment because you deserve it," Rachel continued. "’Go after what it is that you want for yourself, and that’s love. You went for it before and it didn’t work, but now you’re in the driver’s seat.’"

Becca was definitely put through the wringer during Arie’s season of The Bachelor. As everyone knows by now, she was granted the final rose, became engaged to Arie, and was subsequently dumped on live television. Oh, and Arie proposed to his runner-up, Lauren, on After The Final Rose, where Becca had appeared just a little while before. None of this was her fault, obviously, but it’s great that she’s got past Bachelorettes in her corner as she treks through her newest journey.

And apparently, all of their advice paid off. Becca announced to People that she’s engaged now that filming has wrapped. "Yes, I fell in love with Arie and I was ready to commit,” she told the outlet. “But meeting 28 guys who all have different personalities, I really had to sift through and be decisive about my actions and who would be the best fit for me. And this time around, I really did find that." The advice from the past Bachelorettes didn’t go to waste, and now viewers can rest assured that there’s a happy ending waiting at the end of this season.

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