Hilarious images prove how one job for some, is clearly one too many

You had one job! Hilarious snaps capture blunders that are bound to get the someone the sack – including a slide leading to a hole in the ground

  • People from across the world shared hilarious images showing flawed designs 
  • Collated by Bored Panda, images include a memorial with the sign ‘World War 11’ 
  • Another picture shows a slide with an enormous hole sitting at the bottom of it 

Sometimes even the most simplest of jobs can go spectacularly wrong – and these photos capture simple tasks that someone messed up.

Astonished social media users from around the world shared a series of hilarious photographs showcasing the mistakes they’ve come across in daily life that are sure to get someone the sack. 

Collated by Bored Panda, the images include a memorial with the sign ‘World War 11’ and a slide with an enormous hole sitting at the bottom of it.

Here, FEMAIL reveals a selection of the funniest examples…  

Oops! This design fail, thought to be located in Britain, commemorates a ‘World War Eleven’ instead of World War II – but at least it got the dates right

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Call the grammar police: This American sign was mercilessly mocked after misspelling the word ‘you’re’ and writing ‘your’ instead 

Now that’s awkward placing! Social media users suggested this newspaper advertisement was added next to the wrong story 

Playtime’s over! One social media user, from an undisclosed area, shared this photograph of a very risky slide location

Mixed messages: This American Sliding Door Company clearly didn’t want to take its own advice and invest in automatic doors

‘Mistakes are proof you are… rubbish?’ It’s likely this isn’t the message the creator of this library poster was going for

You had one job! Some joked that this proposal was likely refused thanks to the signs being held in the wrong order

Not quite right: The new logo for South Dakota’s campaign to combat drug addiction appeared to really miss its mark

Double meaning: ‘Hopefully no one reads this straight across from left to right like I did’, one social media user said after sharing the above image

Impossible! This question – which undoubtedly didn’t receive many responses – bizarrely asked: ‘Have you ever been in an accident that resulted in your death?’  

Added flavour: A customer, thought to be from America, joked: ‘I guess they decided to include the cutter as a premium topping’, after receiving the above pizza

Baffling! This man clearly didn’t want to take his own advice after wearing a top which suggested a person wear protective gear but failing to wear his own helmet

An impossible situation: This questionnaire asked for a person’s first name, but refused to accept an answer that wasn’t a number

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