Hilarious incorrect answers children have written in school tests

Top marks for creativity! Hilarious images reveal schoolchildren’s witty (and VERY cheeky) incorrect answers

  • Photographs show the hilarious answers children have penned in school exams 
  • Some of the answers given are often extremely cheeky while others are very lazy
  • Images reveal the lengths pupils will go to when a question leaves them stumped

There’s nothing quite like the sinking feeling that comes with turning over a test paper and realising you don’t know what the answers are.

Yet these mischievous youngsters from around the world clearly had lots of fun winding up their teachers by writing witty, and very cheeky, incorrect responses instead.

Some answers are so frustratingly clever, it is hard to imagine how anybody but the pupil had the last laugh.

Here, FEMAIL reveals a selection of the best examples rounded up by Daily Stuff… 

Meanwhile, this pupil was seemingly a Beyoncé enthusiast, using the singer’s 2008 tune Single Ladies to help them answer their question

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‘Because I’m smart’, wrote one child, who was apparently very confident in their mathematics abilities

This student’s maths skills may not be up to scratch but at least they know how to make the best of a bad situation and get creative with their answers

‘Giraffes are heartless creatures’, replied one student when asked what the above diagram best illustrates

This student was clearly a fan of the ’90s song What Is Love? by Haddaway because they used it in their witty answer

‘Because ghosts are not real’, replied one youngster when asked ‘how many ghosts are left’ in a a maths equation

Too easy: This isn’t quite the answer to this simple maths question that the examiner was likely looking for

‘Enough is enough, Judy!’ One playful pupil added her own answer to this question – but was called out by her teacher for it

One youngster, believed to be based in the US, was brutally honest when finishing the statement: ‘I think my mom should do less of this…’

‘Get up and deal with it’: This youngster had no sympathy when presented with the problem of someone scratching their knee after falling on the playground

‘She is blind’: One teacher wasn’t impressed with this incorrect answer, replying ‘Nice try’ on a student’s homework

‘I am a rebel’: One youngster refused to stick to the rules and wrote more than what was required

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