Hilarious online gallery features people having a worse day than you

Now THAT’S bad luck! From a broken bottle opener to ripping into a practically empty bag of crisps, people share snaps of the crushing moments that ruined their day

  • Social media users shared snaps of themselves struggling on a bad day 
  • Crushing moments included a broken corkscrew and half-empty bag of crisps
  • One person captured the moment the toilet handle broke as they went to flush 

We all know the pain of struggling through a bad day, so spare a thought for these unlucky people who just couldn’t catch a break.  

Social media users from around the world shared snaps of their most unfortunate moments in a gallery on Diply.

The crushing moments include a helpless driver whose car door handle came off in their hands and a shopper whose online order was delivered broken. 

Others were left disappointed when their plans for a relaxing meal came undone, with one person sharing their despair after their corkscrew broke before they were able to open their longed-for bottle of wine.   

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the best examples – and they’re sure to make you feel better about your day…  

Website Diply compiled a gallery of unfortunate moments captured on camera by social media users around the world. Pictured, one person was left embarrassed after the toilet flush broke off in their hand

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Breakfast was ruined for one office worker after their bowl of Rice Krispies fell on the ground and landed upside down – sending the cereal and milk flying 

A driver was left at a loss as to what to do after their car door handle broke clean away in their hand. It is not known if they found another way to get inside to finish their journey 

One person had to wait a little longer for their glass of wine at the end of the day after the corkscrew became stuck in the stubborn cork and broke in half

A hungry shopper looking forward to a snack was left disappointed when they opened their packet of cheesy crisps to discover it was less than half-full 

A Subway user was witness to a heartbreaking act of misfortune. The photographer captured pizza slices falling out of an exhausted commuter’s takeaway box after he fell asleep

Plans for a game of football were put on hold when the player went to retrieve their ball – and discovered a naughty dog had gotten their first, leaving it deflated 

A driver made a public spectacle after their attempt to maneuver caused their car to fall from a bridge. Unsurprisingly the shocking scene drew crowds

A snap of a family day out was ruined after the stranger taking the photo didn’t check that their finger was out of the lens

One person was left thirsty after their attempt to buy a drink from a vending machine ended with a cascade of Gatorade bottles becoming jammed between the rail and the glass

A shopper was left disappointed after their online order of a novelty mug arrived at their front door broken into several pieces

This arcade game was ruined for everyone after the claw became entangled in a thin plastic tag attached to the head of a Pikachu toy, jamming it in place 

Someone hoping to make a birthday more special with a chocolate cake was left sorely disappointed when this crumbling pile of icing and sponge arrived instead  

A Harry Potter fan hoping to try a chocolate frog just like those seen on film was left disappointed when they opened the wrapper (right) to discover an unrecognisable shape (left) 

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